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College of Arts, Letters & Education
343 Patterson Hall
Cheney, WA 99004
phone: 509.359.2328
fax: 509.359.4822

Dean's Office Staff

  • Dr. Roy Sonnema
    Dr. Roy Sonnema
    Patterson Hall 343B
    Phone: 509.359.2227
  • Dr. Kevin Decker
    Dr. Kevin Decker
    Associate Dean and Associate Professor of Philosophy
    Patterson Hall 343E
    Phone: 509.359.2328
  • Dr. Alan Coelho
    Dr. Alan Coelho
    Associate Dean and Professor of Physical Education, Health, and Recreation
    Patterson Hall 343F
    Phone: 509.359.2328
  • Dr. Edmund Yarwood
    Dr. Edmund Yarwood
    Associate Dean for Special Language Programs
    Patterson Hall 133K
    Phone: 509.359.6082
  • Tesha Kropidlowski
    Tesha Kropidlowski
    Senior Budget and Administrative Services Manager
    Patterson Hall 343A
    Phone: 509.359.2379
  • Jill Wagner, MFA
    Jill Wagner, MFA
    Academic Advisor
    Patterson Hall 343D
    Phone: 509.359.7406
  • Felicia Jensen
    Felicia Jensen
    Administrative Specialist
    Patterson Hall 343C
    Phone: 509.359.2227
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