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Have a safe and happy Halloween!


MTED 396-- Assessing Students' Fraction Knowledge K-6

1 credit hour course for elementary education and elementary mathematics majors.

course is designed to review current research on K-6 students' learning of fractions and on uses of assessment for identifying student knowledge of a topic. Emphasis will be on understanding the progression of elementary students' development of fraction knowledge, understanding how to create appropriate                                                                                                                                                                                          assessment tools for determining students' fraction knowledge, and understanding how to analyze students' responses to assessment items to determine students' progress in understanding fractions. Through readings, discussion and practice developing and implementing assessment tools, students will extend their knowledge of assessment in K-6 mathematics classrooms.

Prerequisites:  Full-time student, MTED 390, acceptance into the Education Program, and practicum placement.  

Spring 2016   

Eastern Washington University

Dr. Gayle Milsaps



The Harvest Fest at Chase Middle School is this coming Friday (Oct 30th) from 5-7pm. This is a community event so it will not just be middle school aged students, there will also be younger children.   You are welcome to attend.


Harvest Fest, the annual trick-or-treating event on campus, is fast approaching! Harvest Fest is a great way for young children, toddler-fifth grade, to safely celebrate Halloween and visit our beautiful campus during the fall.

This year's Harvest Fest will take place on Friday, Oct. 30. The trick-or-treating will begin at 3:15 p.m. and go until 5 p.m. There will be a Harvest Carnival from 4-6 p.m. in the PUB MPR. 

If you have children, toddler-fifth grade ages, please join us for this great event. Remember to dress up in a family-friendly costume as well! If you have any questions, please contact


Thank you for your support of the Eastern Reading Council Scholastic Book Sale last week.    Proceeds from the sale purchase books to go back to the community!


          Undergraduate Education Program Admissions Application Deadlines:

                        Quarter                                                         Application Deadline                         

Winter Quarter 2016 Thursday, October 15th 2015
Spring Quarter 2016 Friday, January 15th 2016
Summer Quarter 2016 Friday, April 15th 2016
Fall Quarter 2016 Monday, May 16th 2016

***Applications must be received by the deadline for consideration to begin the Education Program.   You can access Applications online at or pick up an Application in the Education Department in Williamson 3rd Floor. 

Questions? Email


Undergraduate deadlines for applying for graduation.   



A few of the new faces you will see in the Education Department this Fall:

New in Education Dept Fall 2014

Jill Stinson, Certification Officer

Dr. Gus Nollmeyer

Dr. Kathryn Baldwin

Dr. Lance Potter

Welcome to EWU and the Education Department!

Graduation Application Deadlines:

UNDERGRADUATES: Your application is due two quarters ahead of graduation. No exceptions. 

GRADUATE STUDENTS: Your application to graduate is due the second Friday of the quarter before you graduate. 

Satisfactory SAT or ACT scores will waive all or part of WEST B exam requirement.  If you received the following scores on your SAT or ACT, please see Tiffany Dixon, Education Department Undergraduate Advisor, for more information.  Williamson 312, 359-7033, or email


Mathematics  515

Reading  500

Writing  490


Mathematics  22

Reading  22

Writing  8

Join the Eastern Reading Council (ERC)! 

Do you have a desire to see children develop a love for reading?

Eastern Reading Council is seeking new members!

It is our mission to put books into the hands of children.

Joining is simple, email:

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