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Applying to the Education Program at Eastern Washington University:


If you can answer "yes" to the following questions, you are probably ready to apply to begin the Education Program:

1.       Have I completed all prerequisites?  If you are currently enrolled in a prerequisite course, or awaiting WEST B scores to post, you can still apply for admission.  We allow provisional admission until grades or WEST B scores post.  NOTE: If when grades or WEST B scores post, you did not earn a satisfactory mark, you will be required to drop the Education courses and reapply at a later date.


2.       Will I be done with all courses in my major and all required Education courses in 5 quarters? If you cannot show how you will complete all required Education courses and all courses in your major in 5 quarters, you are not ready to begin the Education Program.  You should enroll in courses that will decrease that load and apply for the Education Program next quarter.


If you answered yes to both of the above questions, you are ready to apply to begin the Education Program.  Click on the link below for a printable version of the application. Fill it out completely and turn it in to Williamson Hall 312 or via fax at 509.359.2899. Please note the deadlines on the application and turn it in no later than the stated date. 

Application to Undergraduate Program


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