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  • Vince Aleccia
    Vince Aleccia
    Associate Professor of Adult Education / Curriculum & Instruction
    Williamson Hall 316C
    Phone: 509.359.7024
  • Mariann Donley
    Mariann Donley
    (1) Co-Director of Undergraduate Elementary Education Programs (2) Adjunct Faculty
    Williamson 312B
    Phone: 509.359.6098
  • Marilyn Dreis
    Marilyn Dreis
    Assistant to the Education Department Chair
    Williamson 302
    Phone: 509.359.6186


  • Maureen Gilligan
    Maureen Gilligan
    Certification Office Assistant
    Williamson Hall 310
    Phone: 509.359.2237
  • Tara Haskins
    Tara Haskins
    Education Department Faculty and Director of Undergraduate Field Experience
    Williamson Hall 318B
    Phone: 509.359.6953
  • Rodger Hauge
    Rodger Hauge
    Education Department Faculty - Social Studies and Science Guy
    Williamson Hall 229
    Phone: 509.359.6294
  • Dale Lamphere
    Dale Lamphere
    TPA Coordinator and Adjunct Faculty
    317A Williamson Hall
    Phone: 509.359.6198
  • Dr. Jane Liu
    Dr. Jane Liu
    Master in Teaching (MIT) Director / Curriculum & Instruction / Foundations of Education
    Williamson Hall 314B
    Phone: 509.359.7023
  • Nancy Marchand-Martella, Ph.D, BCBA-D
    Nancy Marchand-Martella, Ph.D, BCBA-D
    Professor of Special Education
    Williamson Hall 218
    Phone: 509.359.2824
  • Ronald C. Martella, Ph.D, BCBA-D
    Ronald C. Martella, Ph.D, BCBA-D
    Professor of Special Education
    Williamson Hall 218
    Phone: 509.359.6196
  • Marion Moore, Ph.D
    Marion Moore, Ph.D
    Associate Professor of Special Education, Department Chair
    Williamson Hall 310
    Phone: 509.359.2323
  • Dr. Les Portner
    Dr. Les Portner
    Director of Educational Leadership / Principal Certification
    Williamson Hall 313B
    Phone: 509.359.7018
  • Lori Reiman
    Lori Reiman
    Graduate Program Assistant
    Williamson 314E
    Phone: 509.359.2500
  • Valerie Schillinger
    Valerie Schillinger
    Graduate Program Assistant
    Williamson Hall 314A
    Phone: 509.359.6193
  • Robin Showalter
    Robin Showalter
    Graduate Program Coordinator
    Williamson Hall 312C
    Phone: 509.359.6492
  • Chris Stewart
    Chris Stewart
    Fiscal Technician
    Williamson Hall 311A
    Phone: 509.359.7003
  • Dan Teachman
    Dan Teachman
    Program Coordinator of Field Experiences
    Williamson 312
    Phone: 509.359.2349


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