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Elementary Education

The Elementary Education Program at Eastern Washington University is a six quarter program culminating with a quarter of full-time student teaching.  Students may apply to begin the Program fall, winter, spring, or summer quarter.  Completion of this Program satisfies the State of Washington endorsement for teaching kindergarten through grade 8.  All Elementary candidates will choose a major, and a minor if a second area of endorsement is desired.

Program Prerequisites:

  1. ENGL 101 - College Composition: Exposition and Argumentation
  2. ENGL 201 - College Composition: Analysis, Research and Documentation
  3. CMST 200 - Introduction to Speech Communication
  4. MATH 211 - Structure of Elementary Mathematics I
  5. WEST-B Exam

The State of Washington requires all candidates to take and pass the Washington Educator's Skills Test. The WEST-B, which tests basic skills, is required before admission to the Teacher Education Program. The WEST-E is taken for each endorsement area prior to certification. For more information on these exams please visit 

If a student is currently enrolled in a prerequisite course or has taken the WEST B and is awaiting posted scores, he/she can apply for provisional admission to the Elementary Program.  When grades and/or WEST-B scores post, admission will either be confirmed with satisfactory grades/scores or the student will be required to drop Education Program courses and apply at a later date.


That meet an endorsement:

That do not meet an endorsement:


That meet an endorsement:

That do not meet an endorsement:

What will I study?

Required Courses: (31 credits)

These courses can be taken before or during the Education Program.

ART 390 Art in the Elementary School (3)

PSYC 304 Educational Psychology (5)

EDUC 201 Introduction to Education (3)

SPED 363 Introduction to Special Education (4)

MATH 212 Structure of Elementary Mathematics II (5)

MTED 390 Methods of Teaching Elementary School Mathematics (5)

MUSC 450 Music Methods for Elementary Classroom Teachers (3)

PHED 390 Health and Physical Education in the Elementary Schools (3)

Required Courses: (38 credits) 

These courses are not available until all prerequisites are met and you are admitted into the Education Program.

EDUC 200 Admission to the Teacher Education Program (1)

EDUC 303 Foundations of Assessment (3)

EDUC 308 Foundations of Elementary Classroom Management (3)

EDUC 304 Introduction to Elementary Reading (3)

EDUC 310 Reading Methods, Management, and Assessment in the Elementary School (4)

EDUC 338 Language Arts Methods, Management, and Assessment in the Elementary School (4)

EDUC 339 Social Studies and Science Methods, Management, and Assessment in the Elementary School (4)

EDUC 420 Admission to Professional Candidacy (1)

EDUC 423 Elementary Student Teaching K-8 (15)


(This list of courses is for information purposes only. All students are required to follow the sequencing and catalog requirement for the year they declare a major.)

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