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Degree Options

  • Bachelors of Arts in English with Creative Writing Option

    Creative Writing is a studio program designed to help you publish your artistic work.

  • Bachelor of Arts with Literary Studies

    Literary studies is a liberal arts program that expands your viewpoints by encouraging you to read and critically analyze texts.

  • Bachelor of Arts in Technical Communication

    Technical communicators develop, edit and manage software and equipment manuals, maintenance procedures, assembly instructions, catalogs, sales promotion materials, organizational policies and procedures, websites, online tutorials and proposals.

  • Bachelor of Arts in Education with English/Secondary Major

    Students will reflectively assess their own ongoing development as teachers of English/Language Arts, as well as demonstrate their competence in established national standards (such as the guidelines of the National Council of Teachers of English) in content knowledge, pedagogical knowledge, and professional disposition.

  • Minor in Linguistics

    Linguistics is a broad-based discipline concerned with the study of language.

  • Minor in English

    Minor programs are available for students interested in combining a general interest in English language and literature with a liberal arts major, for those wishing to study technical writing in preparation for a technical, scientific, professional, or communications career, and for those planning to teach at the elementary or secondary level.

  • English/Elementary Education Minor

    This minor does not meet a state of Washington endorsement.

  • English/Secondary Education Minor

    This minor satisfies the endorsement for grades 5-12.

  • Minor in Technical Communication

    A minor in technical communication enables students to add valuable skills to their present field or discipline.

  • Masters of Arts in English with Literature and Writing Emphasis

    (Open for Fall 2016 Enrollment)This emphasis prepares students to teach composition and literature courses at the community college level, and also prepares students for further graduate study.Students will make an oral presentation during the final quarter that covers the final portfolio or paper as well as course work. As a final project, the student will either write a publishable paper or prepare a pedagogical portfolio. Students will serve an internship at a community college.

  • Masters of Arts in English with Rhetoric and Technical Communication Emphasis

    The Master of Arts in English degree program prepares students for careers as professionals and educators as well as for further study in doctoral programs. Students can explore the field of English through one of the program’s three professional emphases: Literature, Rhetoric and Technical Communication, and Teaching English as a Second Language Faculty and students work together to create a student-centered learning environment and an engaging curriculum. The program exposes students to a variety of research methods to provide the best preparation possible for future careers.

  • Masters of Arts in English - Teaching English as a Second Language Emphasis

    This program prepares pre-service and in-service teachers of speakers of English as a second language (ESL) or a foreign language (EFL) to teach second language literacy, culture and communication skills.

  • Certificate in the Teaching of Writing

    This certificate is for students who are in good academic standing and intend to pursue college teaching careers.

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