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Master of Arts in English (Literature)

This degree program prepares students for careers as professionals and educators as well as for further study in doctoral programs. Students can explore the field of English through one of the program's three professional emphases:
  • Literature  
  • Rhetoric  and Technical  Communication
  • Teaching English as a Second Language
Faculty and students work together to create a student-centered learning environment and an engaging curriculum. The program exposes students to a variety of research methods to provide the best preparation possible for future careers.

What will I study?

Literature Emphasis:

The program readies students for a professional career by stressing a rigor and discipline of mind and practice necessary to succeed in a competitive, literate and global marketplace of ideas.

For these reasons, an MA at EWU will prepare students for entering PhD programs in literature, and it will assist students in preparing for other professional schools and careers: for example, law school, editing, teaching in public schools, teaching at community colleges, business, public relations, library science, journalism, writing, etc.

For current information about program requirements, please see current EWU Catalog.

Course Requirements and Credit Hours

ENGL 468 History of the English Language (5)
or ENGL 530 Old English (5)
ENGL 521 Graduate Research in Literature (5)
ENGL 570 History of Criticism (5)
or ENGL 571 Modern Criticism (5)
Graduate-only literature seminars (10)
ENGL 600 Thesis
or ENGL 601 Professional Essay (5-9)
(For details on this professional emphasis, see director)
Additional courses chosen with advisor's consent (26-30 credits)
(including at least two courses in a secondary area of concentration)

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