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To show our thanks for your support, KEWU offers 'Thank You' gifts for different pledge levels:

$60 or $5 a month
1 CD of the music of your choice(Jazz, Blues, Nightfall, Latin)

$89.50* 16 ounce Jazz 89.5 logo mug. 


$120 or $10 a month
1 pound of 4 Seasons Coffee each month for a year
3 CDs of the music of your choice (Jazz, Blues, Nightfall, Latin)

$200 or $16.67 a month
KEWU logo coffee mug AND 4 Seasons Coffee package

$240 or $20 a month
12 CDs from the list below, one every month

$500 12 cd's and pound of 4 Seasons Coffee every month for a year. *

Note: 4 Seasons Coffee cannot be shipped - it must be picked up (between 8 and 3 p.m. M-F) at the roastery located at 10 Grant Street in Spokane. For directions, please call 509.747.2315

A coffee certificate will be issued as soon as your pledge is processed and paid.


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