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  • Ben Luca Robertson
    Ben Luca Robertson
    Audio Engineer, Director of Music Operations & Adjunct Instructor of Music Composition and Electro-Acoustic music
    Recital Hall
    Phone: 359-2241
    Fax: 7028

    Ben Luca Robertson is an Audio Engineer, Director of Music Operations, & Adjunct Instructor in music composition and electro-acoustic music at Eastern Washington University.  He continues to teach undergraduate courses in composition (MUSC 209), experimental instrument design (Soundspaces; CSCD-MUSC 386), interactive performance systems, object-oriented programming for multimedia (Max/MSP), & Multi-track Recording (MUSC 496).  Ben holds an M.A. in Music Composition from Eastern Washington University (2011) and B.A. with a focus in Music Technology from the Evergreen State College (2003).  

    Ben's creative work is centered in electro-acoustic composition, interactivity, emergent performance practices, & the connections between spectral research & microtonal tuning systems.   His chamber & electro-acoustic works have been featured at the Olympia Experimental Music Festival, the Prichard Gallery, Magma Festival, International Noise Conference, Gallery 1412, Occultural Music Festival, Empyrean, The Evergreen State College, Object Space, & multiple film soundtracks; including Frank Hall-Green's Take Off & various films by Amanda Elisha Laws In the past, Ben has collaborated on creative works with Amy Denio, Bill Horist, Derek M. Johnson, Emily Pothast (Midday Veil), Gabriel Will, Ian Ackerman, & Mirror Mirror; as well as forming his own microtonal music ensemble, Dancing for the Flesh.     

     In 2006, Ben co-founded Aphonia Recordings LLC, an independent record label specializing in the international release of recorded media by innovative musicians, composers, and sound artists.   In addition, he has been an active member of the Seattle-based performing arts collective, Gallery 1412, where he curated an ongoing concert series featuring touring artists from the greater Northwest & abroad.  Ben continues to organize new music concerts, installations, & multimedia performances throughout the region.   

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