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Public Health

The Public Health Program is a behaviorally-based program in which students will learn to design, implement, and evaluate programs and activities that improve the health of all people. Majors of this program use a wellness approach to health promotion; emphasizing the physical, intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual and environmental aspects of health. Students will explore areas such as:

  • mind/body health
  • international health
  • spiritual health
  • sexuality education
  • drugs and society
  • personal and community health
  • applied nutrition
  • community health

What will I study?

Students will learn to conduct health assessments, design health promotion programs, critically examine health products and services, and to apply best practice approaches to health interventions. Students will also be able to educate others using comprehensive, up-to-date and valid health information. Program majors will have the opportunity to apply their health content knowledge in the community health setting through service learning projects with community organizations. Students will also participate in an internship in which they will gain practical real world experience within the field. Program majors also have the opportunity to meet many professionals within the field through service learning and guest speaker presentations throughout the program.

Program Curriculum

Course Sequence


What could I do with my degree?

  • international, national, state and local health departments/agencies (World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, etc.)
  • non-profit agencies (American Heart Association, American Red Cross, American Cancer Society, etc.)
  • health care organizations (hospitals, clinics)
  • work-site wellness programs (university student wellness centers, in-house wellness programs, contracted wellness companies, etc.)
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