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Faculty and Staff

  • Kevin S. Decker
    Kevin S. Decker
    Associate Professor of Philosophy & Associate Dean of the College of Arts, Letters and Education
    Patterson Hall 229C
    Phone: 509.359.6018

    Areas of Specialization:
    Social and Political Theory, Ethics, American Pragmatism, Philosophy and Popular Culture, German Idealism.

    Areas of Competence:
    Applied Ethics, History of Philosophy (Modern and Contemporary), Phenomenology, Critical Theory, Philosophy of Religion, Philosophies of the Natural and Social Sciences

    Forthcoming and Recent Publications:
    •  The Ultimate South Park and Philosophy, co-editor with Robert Arp (Wiley-Blackwell)
    • Ender's Game and Philosophy, editor (Wiley-Blackwell)
    • Who is Who? The Philosophy of Doctor Who (I.B. Tauris Publishers)
    •  "Thank God It's Stephen Colbert!" in Jason Holt, ed., The Ultimate Daily Show and Philosophy (Wiley-Blackwell)
    •  "There are No Universal Principles That Should Guide Medical Practice and Research," and "Response to Pullman," in Robert Arp, ed., Contemporary Debates in Philosophy: Bioethics (Wiley-Blackwelll).
    •  "There's Always a Bigger Fish: Tyranny, Power and the Rule of the Ruthless," in Nancy Reagin and Janice Liedl, eds., Star Wars and History (Wiley-Blackwell).
    • "What Does Your Tattoo Say About You?" Inked Magazine (May 2012 issue)
    • "Perspectives and Ideologies: A Pragmatic Use for Recognition Theory," Philosophy and Social Criticism 38:2 (February 2012).
    • "Clarence Irving Lewis," and "Charles Sanders Peirce," entries in Key Terms in Logic  (Continuum).
    • "The Ethics of the Last of the Time Lords," in Doctor Who and Philosophy, eds. Paula Smithka and Court Lewis (Open Court)

  • Christopher C. Kirby, PhD. [University of South Florida, 2008]
    Christopher C. Kirby, PhD. [University of South Florida, 2008]
    Associate Professor of Philosophy
    Patterson Hall 229E
    Phone: 509.359.6503

    Dr. Kirby joined the Philosophy Program in 2008. His general research areas are in the history of philosophy and East-West comparisons. He is particularly interested in ancient thinkers who drew insights from exploring nature - such as Aristotle and the Daoist sage, Zhuangzi - as well as more recent philosophers who have combined such insights with scientific or aesthetic modes of thought, like Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, Aldo Leopold, Arne Næss... and especially John Dewey.

    Dr. Kirby is the faculty sponsor to several student clubs: The Transcendental Apathetic (EWU's Philosophy club), the EWU Environmental Club, and the Mandarin Chinese Conversation group. If you like to chat about ideas, are interested in practicing some Putonghua, or you're just someone who believes even trees need hugs, contact him about one of these organizations.

    Recent Activity:

    • [Book, In Progress] Dewey and the Ancients: Essays on Hellenic and Hellenistic Themes in the Philosophy of John Dewey
    • [Chapter, 2013] "'You're Nine Years Old, You Should Know the Difference Between Real And Imaginary:' Terrorism in Imaginationland," in The Ultimate South Park and Philosophy. Robert Arp, ed. [Wiley-Blackwell, forthcoming 2013]
    • [Article, 2012] "John Dewey and the Prospect of Going 'Beyond Aesthetics'." Aesthetic Pathways, Vol. 2 (No. 2)

  • Terrance MacMullan
    Terrance MacMullan
    Professor of Philosophy and Honors
    Patterson Hall 229B
    Phone: 509.359.6020

    Areas of Specialization
    Social and Political Philosophy, Pragmatism.

    Areas of Competence
    Philosophy of Race, Latin American Philosophy, Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations.

              University of Oregon, Eugene OR
                        Ph.D. in Philosophy, August 2002
                         Dissertation:  Dewey and Du Bois: The Meaning and Consequence of Race

              Hamilton College, Clinton NY
                        B.A. in Philosophy with Departmental Honors, Magna Cum Laude, May 1994
                         Honor's Thesis:  "Habermas' Discourse Ethic and the First Amendment"   

    Current Research Focus
    Pragmatism, Latin American Philosophy, Social-Political Philosophy
    Current Projects

    • Book Manuscript in development, Greater America: Philosophy and the Promise of Inter-American Democracy
    • Book Chapter in development, "Dismounting the Tiger: From Empire to Global Citizen through Pragmatism" for Global Citizenship, Governance, and Identity, Irene Langram editor.
    • Journal Article in Development, "Pragmatism as Gunship Philosophy: José Vasconcelos on John Dewey and Imperial Philosophy in the Americas."
  • Mimi Marinucci, Ph.D.
    Mimi Marinucci, Ph.D.
    Professor Of Philosophy/Women's and Gender Studies
    Patterson Hall 229D
    Phone: 509.359.6026
    Mimi Marinucci joined the faculty in 2000. She came to EWU from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA where she completed a Ph.D. in Philosophy and a graduate certificate in Women's Studies. She has a joint appointment, and her time is therefore split equally between Philosophy and Women's & Gender Studies. She was promoted to full professor in 2011. Marinucci is a past recipient of the EWU President's Award and Professor of the Year award (2011), as well as a U.S. Professors of the Year nominee (2012), and she was awarded the Best of the West Plains EWU Teacher of the Year (2012). Her teaching and research are focused on feminism, philosophy, and feminist philosophy, particularly as represented in popular culture.  She is especially interested in popular culture as a medium for the production and dissemination of knowledge about who we are as women and men. In addition to a number of published articles, Marinucci is also the author of the book Feminism is Queer: The Intimate Connection between Queer and Feminist Theory (Zed Books, 2010). She is also the founding editor of "Wave 2.5: A Feminist Zine," a two-time Utne Independent Press Award nominee (2005, 2009).
  • Kathryn Julyan
    Kathryn Julyan
    Quarterly Faculty
    Patterson Hall 229N
    Phone: 509.359-6738
    Kathryn recently completed her PhD coursework in Philosophy and Religion with an emphasis in Asian and Comparative Studies at the California Institute of Integral Studies. She also holds a MA degree in Philosophy from Tufts University. She has held the position of Adjunct Lecturer at Eastern Washington University since 2002 where she teaches courses in Philosophy, Religion, and Women and Gender Studies. Between 2009- 2011 Kathryn acted as the founding!adviser for!EWU's student led group, the Compassionate Interfaith Society. Kathryn's areas of specialization are Indian Religion and Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion, and Women's Spirituality.
  • Charles Scott Kinder-Pyle~MDiv, DMin
    Charles Scott Kinder-Pyle~MDiv, DMin
    Quarterly Faculty
    Patterson Hall 229N
    Phone: 509.359.6738

    And if now, there's so much bitterness in these silks,
    there's a tenderness that is never born,
    that never dies; it lets fly
    another great, apocalyptic handkerchief:
    the blue, unedited hand of God.

              --Cesar Vallejo, "Fresco," in The Black Heralds, as translated by Rebecca Seiferle


  • David Weise
    David Weise
    Quarterly Faculty
    Patterson Hall 229F
    Phone: 509.359.6738
  • Kerri Sadowski
    Kerri Sadowski
    Office Assistant, Philosophy and English Composition
    Patterson Hall 229P
    Phone: 509.359.7064
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