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  • Terrance MacMullan
    Terrance MacMullan
    Professor of Philosophy and Honors
    Patterson Hall 229B
    Phone: 509.359.6020

    Areas of Specialization
    Social and Political Philosophy, Pragmatism.

    Areas of Competence
    Philosophy of Race, Latin American Philosophy, Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations.

              University of Oregon, Eugene OR
                        Ph.D. in Philosophy, August 2002
                         Dissertation:  Dewey and Du Bois: The Meaning and Consequence of Race

              Hamilton College, Clinton NY
                        B.A. in Philosophy with Departmental Honors, Magna Cum Laude, May 1994
                         Honor's Thesis:  "Habermas' Discourse Ethic and the First Amendment"   

    Current Research Focus
    Pragmatism, Latin American Philosophy, Social-Political Philosophy
    Current Projects

    • Book Manuscript in development, Greater America: Philosophy and the Promise of Inter-American Democracy
    • Book Chapter in development, "Dismounting the Tiger: From Empire to Global Citizen through Pragmatism" for Global Citizenship, Governance, and Identity, Irene Langram editor.
    • Journal Article in Development, "Pragmatism as Gunship Philosophy: José Vasconcelos on John Dewey and Imperial Philosophy in the Americas."
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