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Program Review Standards and Evaluation

Program Review Preparation 2014-2015

Beginning fall quarter 2012 and ending spring quarter 2014, the Cross Campus Education Committee will be undergoing a self-evaluation to ensure that all standards are met for accreditation.

Fall quarter 2012, focus will be upon Standard 3: Program Resources and Governance. 

 PESB Standard 3

Winter quarter 2013, focus will be upon Standard 4: Program Design

 PESB Standard 4

Spring quarter 2013, focus will be upon Standard 5: Program Review and Certification

 PESB Standard 5

Fall quarter 2013, focus will be upon Standard 2: Accountability and Program Improvement

 PESB Standard 2

Winter quarter 2014, the Cross Campus Education Committee will synthesize the data collected and spring quarter 2014, the committee will complete the self-study.

 edTPA Information

Making Good Choices Handbook

Timeline for Student Teaching

Supervisor Checklist for Student Teaching

Professional Disposition Form

PVA Form

 edTPA Washington handbooks, released September 28, 2011

 Washington Pre-Release edTPA Handbooks, Nov. 10, 2011

Link to edTPA website, from Patrick Sexton: TPAC has developed a website to help facilitate dialogue and resource sharing across the national edTPA landscape. As we will all be taking up the edTPA in short order, we want to encourage all WACTE members to join the TPAC Ning site. Its strength and value rests in our collective participation. Once you are a member, you can join interest groups. We highly recommend the Washington group, which can be found under the Groups tab. 

        Teacher Performance Assessments (edTPAs) by Content Area:

             Elementary Mathematics
             Secondary English, Language Arts
             Secondary History, Social Studies
             Secondary Mathematics
             Secondary Science
             Secondary World Language

edTPA samples from California - insights into what Washington State edTPAs, in these content areas, may include when adopted:

           Art Academic Language Appendix
          Business Academic Language Appendix
          Music Academic Language Appendix
          Physical Education 
          PE Academic Language Appendix



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