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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the MFT?

The MFT is the Major Field Test for Business. This is a computerized test which all business students are required to take during the quarter in which they complete Mgmt 490. This test is part of students' graduation requirements. The MFT is not  graded but is used to collect data to improve the program.

Where do I get information on internships?

In Cheney, you can pick up an internship packet form the Internship office located in career services, 1st floor, Showalter Hall, or you can call the Internship office at (509) 359-4637. You can also download the packet here.

How do I waitlist for a course?

  1. Go to class search and find the 5-digit CRN of the course that you want to waitlist for.
  2. Go back to the Add-Drop Classes page and put in the CRN in one of the boxes.
  3. Click Sumbit Changes. You will receive an error message saying "waitlisted class"
  4. Slective "Web waitlist" from the action box.
  5. Click Sumit Changes a SECOND time.
  6. Go you your schedule to make sure it appears there.

If you get a second error that indicates - Prereq and test score error - contact either Karen Morley at 359-6277 or Jodi Strote 828-1249 for assistance.

Where can I find information about placement tests?

Placement information can be found:

Math Placement

Computer Literacy

English Placement

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