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Programs of Study

  • Business & Marketing Education

    A BAE: Business & Marketing Education allows a graduate to teach any business or marketing subject at the junior high, middle, or high school levels in Washington State.

  • Economics

    The Economics Program at Eastern Washington University provides students with the skill set necessary to comprehend the complex and integral workings of our local, national and international economy.

  • Finance

    The Finance major is for those students with career objectives in the financial management of business firms, banking and other financial institutions, insurance and the securities industries

  • Health Informatics Technology

    Students admitted to the program would study a curriculum that blends three disciplines: health services administration, management information systems and computer science.

  • Management

    The management program at Eastern Washington University has options in General Business, Human Resources, and Operations Management.

  • Management Information Systems

    The major in Management Information Systems is oriented toward developing specialists who can design, implement and manage business information systems.

  • Marketing

    Marketing deals with market research, product planning, pricing decisions, advertising, sales promotion and sales management. Marketing professionals occupy strategic territory between a firm and its external environment. The marketing program opens dynamic career possibilities in a broad spectrum of industries and services.

  • Master of Business Administration

    EWU's MBA program prepares graduates to make an immediate impact on their current career or to prepare for a new career.

  • Master of Public Administration

    From social services to public roads, government authorizes, funds and delivers goods and services that are vital to the health of a community. Those who want to get ahead need to be able to influence, or at least anticipate, governmental actions. The Master of Public Administration degree is designed to prepare people for leadership roles in governmental and non-profit organizations.

  • Professional Accounting

    Demand for Professional Accounting graduates is high across the United States. Eastern graduates have career opportunities in public accounting, industry, government, and not-for-profit organizations, as well as in such applications as auditing, taxation, information services and management services.

  • Urban & Regional Planning

    The Urban Planning programs offer both undergraduate and graduate degrees in urban and regional planning. Both degree programs are professionally accredited by the Planning Accreditation Board.

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