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Business & Marketing Education (BAE)

Business and marketing courses offered in high school, junior high, middle school, and skills centers prepare students to think, communicate, and problem solve through real-world applications. Business/marketing teachers help students become educated and thoughtful consumers, achieve success in the work place, and value life-long learning.  A Business & Marketing Education degree provides a way for teachers with practical business/marketing experience to share their knowledge and  expertise in the secondary education classroom.  They will receive their Washington State teaching license in secondary education, their CTE certification in business/marketing allowing them to teach any business/marketing subject offered in grades 5-12, and a B.A.E in Business & Marketing Education.

What are the degree options?

The degree program in business and marketing education (BAE in Business & Marketing Education) is offered in conjunction with the College of Education and Human Development. The College of Business and Public Administration provides the required business-related courses in business administration, computer applications, accounting, and career and technical education. The Department of Education provides courses in professional education and advising toward teacher certification within the state of Washington.

All of the career and technical education course requirements are offered online as well as  some of the business administration course requirements.


What can I do with my degree?

A BAE: Business & Marketing Education certifies you to teach in any junior high, high school/middle school, or skills center in Washington State that offers courses in business and/or marketing.  This four-year degree route to certification allows you to teach ANY of the 50+ business or marketing courses a school might offer.  The degree also certifies you to coordinate work-site learning educational opportunities at a qualified worksite outside the classroom, linking high school students' work experiences with classroom learning; and the degree certifies you to instruct the career choices course, facilitating career development, job retention, and resource management.  This BAE degree also exceeds the requirements to teach at a community college or technical college.  

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