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Decision Science Minor

The minor in Decision Science is offered to all students interested in the science of rational decision-making through the study, design and integration of complex situations and systems. This discipline focuses on managerial planning, mathematical modeling, and the use of computer technology to help decision-makers choose from among a set of alternatives in light of all possible consequences.

This minor is recommended for students who wish to possess problem-solving skills that can be used to make and implement decisions as efficiently and effectively as possible.

What will I study?

Required Decision Science Minor (20* credits)

At least 3 of the following:

Dsci 445 Game Theory (4)

Dsci 446 Business Forecasting (4)

Dsci 447 Design of Experiments (4)

Dsci 448 Business Simulations (4)

Dsci 449 Multivariate Data Analysis (4)

Dsci 450 Quantitative Communications (4)

*Note: These courses have the following prerequisites:

Dsci 245 or equivalent and Dsci 346 or equivalent

Decision Science Minor Course List

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