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Faculty and Staff

The following are the faculty for the Economics Department.

  • Justin Bucciferro
    Justin Bucciferro
    Assistant Professor
    311H Patterson Hall
    Phone: 509.359.2422
    Fax: 509.359.6983
    Justin Bucciferro received his PhD in economics from the University of Colorado.  His specialty areas are economic history and development, and international political economy.
  • David Bunting
    David Bunting
    Professor and Department Chair
    311M Patterson Hall
    Phone: 509.359.7947
    Fax: 509.359.6983
    Dave Bunting received his PhD in economics from the University of Oregon. His specialty areas are macroeconomics and economic impact analyses.
  • Kelley Cullen
    Kelley Cullen
    Assistant Professor and Department Advisor
    311K Patterson Hall
    Phone: 509.359.2430
    Fax: 509.359.6983
    Kelley Cullen received her PhD in economics from Washington State University. Her specialty areas are labor and sports economics.
  • Courtney Gallimore
    Courtney Gallimore
    Senior Lecturer
    311C Patterson Hall
    Phone: 509.359.2428
    Fax: 509.359.6983
    Courtney Gallimore received his PhD in economics from Iowa State University. His specialty areas are microeconomics and economic development.
  • Nathaniel Greene
    Nathaniel Greene
    311E Patterson Hall
    Phone: 509.359.6517
    Fax: 509.359.6983

    Nathaniel Greene received is MA in Economics from St. Mary's University.

  • Roberta Jones Greene
    Roberta Jones Greene
    311D Patterson Hall
    Phone: 509.359.6514
    Fax: 509.359.6983

    Roberta Jones Greene received her JD from Gonzaga University.

  • Mark Holmgren
    Mark Holmgren
    Assistant Professor
    311I Patterson Hall
    Phone: 509.359.4320
    Fax: 509.359.6983
    Mark Holmgren received his PhD in Economics from Washington State University.  His specialty areas are applied microeconomics, economics of education, and transportation economics.
  • Nicholas Larsen
    Nicholas Larsen
    Assistant Professor
    311L Patterson Hall
    Phone: 509.359.2212
    Fax: 509.359.6983

    Nicholas Larsen received his PhD in economics from the University of Illinois at Chicago. His specialty areas are macroeconomics, economic growth and development and labor economics.

  • German Muchnik-Izon
    German Muchnik-Izon
    Assistant Professor
    311F Patterson Hall
    Phone: 509.359.2838
    Fax: 509.359.6983

    German Muchnik Izon received his PhD in economics from the University of New Mexico. His specialty areas are environmental and health economics.

  • Nathan Skuza
    Nathan Skuza
    Assistant Professor
    311G Patterson Hall
    Phone: 509.359.6121
    Fax: 509.359.6983
    Nathan Skuza received his PhD in economics from Washington State University.
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