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Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration - Management / Human Resource Management Option

The Human Resource Management option focuses on tools, techniques and methods used to maximize satisfaction for both the employer and employee. This option applies human resource management and general management theories to the actual management of the human resources of the organization. Topics covered include equal opportunities, safety and health, compensation, training and development, performance appraisal, motivation and job satisfaction and retirement.


The Human Resource Option is also offered at our Bellevue location on the Bellevue College campus. For more information on this program please see our Bellevue program page.

Students who complete the Management: Human Resource Management Option will:

  • be able to understand and deal with the influence of the major environment factors that affect HRM activities;
  • possess the knowledege and skills needed to effectively manage the staffing function;
  • possess the knowledge and skills needed to effectively manage the compensation function;
  • possess the knowledge and skills needed to conduct effective training and development activities;
  • possess the knowledge and skills needed to effectively manage labor relations and employee safety and health.

The College of Business and Public Administration has specific requirements for formal admission into the Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration (BAB) degree program. These requirements must be met before continuation into upper division business courses. Please see Undergraduate Business Advising for more information on formal admission requirements.

What will I study?

Courses taken for the Human Resource Management option, beyond the required Business Administration core, are not counted double toward the Finance major, the Marketing major, the (Business) Economics major, the Operations Management option or the General Business option.

Required Business Administration Core (69 Credits)

Required Human Resource Management Option Courses (16 credits)

HUMR 328 Human Resource Management (4)

HUMR 427 Compensation Administration (4)

HUMR 429 Personnel Problems (4)

IBUS/MGMT 471 Multinational People Management (4)

Electives (8-10 credits)

Select approved, related electives in consultation with your faculty advisor.

Management: Human Resource Management Course List

Business Administration Core Course List

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