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Marketing Course Descriptions

MKTG 310 Principles of Marketing (4)

Prerequisite: junior standing.

An introduction to marketing. The marketing mix: product offering, supply chain management, pricing, promotion and introduction to buyer behavior.

Marketing courses numbered 399 and higher have restricted enrollment. See Business Advising for more information.

MKTG 399 Directed Study (1-5)

Prerequisite: permission of the instructor, department chair and college dean.

MKTG 400 Buyer Behavior (4)

Prerequisite: MKTG 310.

Study of the buyer decision-making process, both consumer and industrial, for the purpose of planning and implementing successful marketing strategies. Includes an examination of both the internal psychological and external sociological factors influencing the decision-making process and how these factors relate to strategic marketing decisions such as product development, segmentation and positioning.

MKTG 411 Marketing Research (4)

Prerequisites: MKTG 310 and DSCI 346.

A practical and theoretical approach to understanding and applying the procedures and methods used in collecting and analyzing market information for managerial decision-making. Topics include research design, data collection, sampling, questionnaire design, qualitative research methods, processing and interpreting data and presentation of findings. An applied approach provides practical application of methods studied.

MKTG 412 Marketing Management (4)

Prerequisites: MKTG 400 and 411.

An exploration of key marketing management variables such as buyer behavior, market segmentation and product positioning, product policy, pricing, distribution, promotion and market research in the contexts of strategy development, decision making, implementation and control.

MKTG 413 Integrated Marketing Communications (4)

Prerequisite: MKTG 310.

A practical and theoretical approach to understanding communications theory and how advertising, sales promotion, public relations and direct marketing are designed and used by organizations in communicating with various publics.

MKTG 414 Retail Management (4)

Prerequisite: MKTG 310.

A study of the strategies used by retailers as critical members of a supply chain. The relationships among store organization, human resource management and the retail strategies used by various types of retail outlets are investigated. Merchandising policies (buying, selling, stock control and management), various control strategies, promotion and public relations activities are also covered.

MKTG 416 Sales Force Management (4)

Prerequisite: MKTG 310.

This course covers the concepts and theories associated with planning, organizing, evaluating, controlling and managing a professional sales force.

MKTG 417 Marketing Analysis (4)

Prerequisite: MKTG 412.

Strategic analysis of managerial marketing issues involving market trends, marketing research, product planning, distribution channels, pricing, promotion, social trends and the influence marketing strategy has on society.

MKTG 444 Applied Promotion (4)

Prerequisite: MKTG 310.

This course involves students in the research, planning, implementation and evaluation of a promotional event for a local business or organization. A variety of marketing principles are applied in a hands-on real world experience.

MKTG 472 Global Marketing Management (4)

Prerequisite: IBUS/MGMT 470 or MKTG 310.

A practical approach to understanding the implications to marketing functions that result from competing in a global marketplace. Marketing function differences and similarities are explored across national borders and cultures.(Cross-listed IBUS 472)

MKTG 481 Sports Marketing (4)

Prerequisite: MKTG 310.

Explores the essentials of effective sports marketing, such as the nature of sports products, sports consumers, sports research, sports-product development, sponsorship and licensing. Looks at the marketing of sports and sport products as well as marketing through sports.

MKTG 495 Internships (1-5)

Prerequisite: permission of the instructor, department chair and college dean.

MKTG 498 Seminar (1-5)

MKTG 499 Directed Study (1-5)

Prerequisite: permission of the instructor, department chair and college dean.

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