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Clusters, Strategy, Competitiveness and Economic Development project

EWU is part of the Microeconomics of Competitiveness Network which is based on the work of Harvard Business School Professor Michael Porter. As part of this network, EWU is conducting class projects on the competitiveness of our region and regional clusters. The following provides examples of reports that have been completed at EWU.

Spokane Region Competitiveness   link to report

The Harvard Business School conducted a survey among their alumni about the perceptions of US competitiveness [link to]. INSEAD used a similar survey about perceptions of European competitiveness. We adapted the survey to the regional level to measure perceptions of local business leaders on competitiveness s of our region.

 Reports on Clusters

If you are interested, want to discuss the findings, or are interested in a cluster project, please get in touch with: Dr. Dean Kiefer, Associate Professor of Finance at EWU

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