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Master of Business Administration

About EWU's MBA        

The Master of Business Administration is an advanced professional degree in business administration emphasizing the managerial skills of decision-making, critical thinking, communication skills, development of interpersonal relationships in organizational structures, and the legal, ethical, economic, social, political, and global aspects of the environment in which organizations function.

Business firms, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations need managers who can get things done. They need managers who can adapt to rapid changes in the environment, appreciate and work with diversity, work well in group situations, foster creativity and innovation, have an entrepreneurial spirit, and provide practical solutions to real world problems. The managers of tomorrow will be faced with complex global problems. The MBA program is designed to equip managers with the required skills to lead their organizations.

The MBA program at Eastern Washington University is designed around a core of specific skills needed by managers in today's rapidly evolving world economy. The core of required courses addresses specific needs in the areas of decision making, research experience necessary to provide information, managerial communication skills, managing human resources and providing leadership, creative and critical analysis of business issues and business vision, strategy, and policy administration. In each of the required courses, the emphasis is on development of skills and processes and the integration of the functional areas of business. This approach prepares students for the open business firm of today which operates across functional lines stressing cooperative problem solving.

What will I study?

Objectives of the MBA Program

EWU MBA Graduates can demonstrate:

  1. The ability to use relevant theories, concepts, perspectives and facts to analyze business and economic issue and solve related problems.
  2. The ability to apply appropriate technical and quantitative skills related to business.
  3. Competency in both written and oral business communication skills.
  4. The ability to provide leadership and facilitate positive interpersonal business relationships.
  5. The ability to incorporate ethical and global considerations into business activities.

Accreditation AACSB Seal

Eastern's graduate programs in business began in 1966 and the Master of Business Administration (MBA) was authorized in 1975. Both the graduate and undergraduate business programs are accredited by AACSB International - The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. AACSB International accreditation assures quality and promotes excellence and continuous improvement in undergraduate and graduate education for business administration. Fewer than 15% of business schools worldwide are AACSB accredited. It's your assurance that Eastern delivers quality business education. To find out why you should choose an AACSB accredited business school, click HERE.

Multifaceted Learning

A dual-degree program is available with the Master of Public Administration (MPA) Program. This dual-degree program combines the requisite supervisory and administrative education for career advancement in either the public or private sectors and bridges the regulatory and supplier aspects of business and government relationships.

A combined MBA Degree/Health Services Administration Certificate is also available. The Health Services Administration Certificate is intended to provide students who have an interest in working within the health field with an understanding of the many different types of health organizations that exist in the U.S. The courses also present students with an overview of the financial, legal and administrative issues that face all health administrators in today's market.

The Faculty

Faculty teaching MBA courses are nationally renowned scholars with strong ties to the local community. They stay current in their specialties by conducting research and writing textbooks and scholarly articles that contribute to new trends in business theory and practice.

Most MBA courses meet once a week in the evening and occasionally on weekends. Classes are small, which means there is significant interaction between faculty and students.

The Riverpoint Connection

The MBA Program is housed in Eastern Washington University's College of Business and Public Administration, which is headquartered in the Riverpoint Campus in downtown Spokane. Located in the heart of the new university district, classes are easily accessible to business professionals or undergraduate students continuing their education. The facility offers state-of-the-art classrooms including a 200-seat auditorium. Plenty of parking is available. Buses also serve the campus.

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