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Admissions Information

EWU Admissions Information

Students who have taken their pre-dental hygiene course work at colleges other than EWU are strongly encouraged to formally apply to the university early in December. This application may be obtained from EWU Admissions Office website, or by contacting the Admissions Office, Sutton Hall, Cheney, WA 99004, 509.359.6200 ext. 2397. The completed application form, along with the university application fee and current, official transcripts, should be submitted at this time. Note: At the end of each succeeding quarter/semester, official copies of transcripts of all college course work must be received by EWU's Admissions Office.

Students who attended EWU previously, but who are not currently enrolled, need to complete a Former Student Returning Application. This form may be obtained from either the Admissions Office or the Dental Hygiene Office.

Students attending EWU for prerequisites may declare their majors as Pre-Dental Hygiene, BS-DNHY, RPT. This step is completed by filling out the appropriate form

The Dental Hygiene Department has an admissions essential functions information packet that will let you know the procedures for admission to the university and the Dental Hygiene Department, Eastern Washington University Dental Hygiene Program prerequisites and estimated EWU dental hygiene student expenses. Please click on the link above to download a copy of the Dental Hygiene Department's admissions information packet. Though the department tries to update the information on a regular basis, some of the information may be out-dated. To make sure you have the most current information, it is recommended that you contact one of the dental hygiene advisors with your current information.

Dental Hygiene Program Admissions

The Dental Hygiene department at Eastern Washington University will participate in the ADEA Dental Hygiene Centralized Application Service, known as DHCAS, beginning in August 2013. Applicants applying to the entry-level Dental Hygiene program for the 2014 entering class will apply online using the DHCAS application. To learn more about DHCAS application process, visit after September 1st.

The Eastern Washington University Dental Hygiene Department will begin reviewing applications on the first Friday in January, for the following fall's class. Applicants are strongly encouraged to apply during the month of January in order for the admissions committee to have time for thorough evaluation.

The final deadline for applications is 5 p.m., Feb. 15, or the next working day if the 15th falls on a weekend or holiday.

Follow the check list below in order to complete your application to EWU's Dental Hygiene Department:

  • Step 1: Apply to DHCAS and satisfy all requirements of the DHCAS application.
  • Step 2: Apply to EWU Admissions and pay admissions fee-$50.00.
    a. Students who have taken their pre-dental hygiene coursework at colleges other than EWU must formally apply to the university early in December.
    b. Students who attednded EWU previously, but who are not currently enrolled, need to complete a Former Student Returning Application. They are available at the Admissions Office and online at:
    c. Students attending EWU for prerequisites may declare their majors as Pre-Dental Hygiene, BS-DNHY, RPT. This step is completed by filling out the appropriate form:
  • Step 3: Pay Dental Hygiene Application fee- Spokane: $42.00 (paid through your account in EagleNET):
    Follow the below steps:
    a. Login to EagleNET.
    b. Choose Student Account.
    c. Click on Pay my Bill.
    d. At the bottom click Make A Payment.
    e. Click pay my bill or optional fees.
    f. Select Dental Hygiene App Fee- Spokane Campus.
    g. Add to shopping cart.
    h. Checkout and pay: this fee is non-refundable.
  • Step 4: E-mail copy of receipt to: Leila Al-Tassan
  • Step 5: Take HSRT Health Sciences Reasoning Test online. You will receive instructions in an e-mail from Leila after proof of payment is received and the previous steps have been completed. This test must be completed by February 1st. 


Dental Hygiene Application Evaluation

Evaluation of major and minor factors in applicants' files will take place in two stages; the first evaluative stage will take place after the Feb. 15 deadline, and will include grade point average of prerequisite courses and any dental hygiene course work from any dental hygiene program through the preceding fall quarter/semester. Highest-ranked applicants will be selected to compete in a second evaluative stage in April. During this evaluation stage, winter quarter dental hygiene prerequisite college grades, a formal interview, as well as other factors, will be considered.

The selection process involves a competitive ranking of major and minor factors. High grade point averages in the dental hygiene prerequisites, and success in the  interview.


For Fall 2014:




Grade point average of pre-requisite courses and any dental hygiene coursework at any dental hygiene program.  The science-based courses will be weighted at twice that of the non-science based courses.


Success in the interview.


HSRT critical thinking test will be weighted at 10% of the overall grade


For Fall 2015:



-Overall GPA will be weighted at 20%
-Grade point average of science prerequisite will be weighted at 70%.
- HSRT critical thinking test will be weighted at 10% of the overall grade.

Achievement of a college degree (BA, BS, MS, MA).

Success in the interview process.

2nd Application


Total number of credits taken each quarter/semester.


One of the following must be completed in order to apply:

  1. three months minimum paid employment, full- or half-time in a dental office
  2. 20 documented hours of volunteer work in one or more separate dental offices
  3. observation of dental hygienists (documented with signatures of a minimum of 20 hours in one or more offices). For observation hours please download this form.

NOTE: Students' dental office experience opportunities (with the exception of #3 above) may be limited if Hepatitis B vaccine series has not been initiated or completed.

All applicants will be notified of their acceptance status, and the evaluative process is usually completed by mid-April.

Students who are placed on the alternate list are ranked, and should stay in close contact with the Dental Hygiene Office if they are interested in remaining active applicants. Alternates should complete all pre-requisite courses as planned. If a candidate on the accepted list withdraws, alternate candidates will be contacted. This can happen anytime between April and the first day of classes in September.

Since enrollment in the program is limited to 36 students, and the admissions process is competitive, no assurance can be given that all applicants who have completed the pre-requisite course work and have been accepted by EWU, will be admitted into the program.

For further assistance, advisors are available at the Dental Hygiene Office from Sept. 15-Aug. 15, for advising appointments (in person or by phone) and/or tours of the facilities.


Phone: 509.828.1317

Please note: Although the department attempts to update information to this page when changes are made, potential students are always advised to contact the Dental Hygiene Department prior to application for current updates.

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