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Fieldwork Educator Training

Thinking about becoming a fieldwork educator for occupational therapy students can sometimes be an intimidating experience. Common questions that arise are: Do I know enough to teach a student? How do I supervise effectively? Will I be able to provide enough resources for a student? If you're wondering if you "have what it takes," click on the following self-assessment for fieldwork educators. I bet you'll be pleasantly surprised at how much you know and how much you can offer to a student! 

Self Assessment of FEW Competency

Preceptor Education Program is an excellent resource for both educators and students. It's free, and more importantly, it provides great ideas and resources to prepare for having a student.

EWU provides workshops to further enhance your knowledge of fieldwork supervision. These workshops may be held in conjunction with the physical therapy and comunication disorders departments.

The FAQ from American Occupational Therapy Association is provided to answer general supervision questions that you may have about fieldwork requirements.

The OT/OTA Student Supervision & Medicare Requirements describes Medicare guidelines for students.

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