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DPT Program Prerequisites

  1. Qualify and apply for acceptance into Eastern Washington University Graduate Studies.  DO NOT SEND TRANSCRIPTS OR GRE SCORES TO EWU GRADUATE STUDIES.  SEND THEM TO PTCAS ONLY.
  2. Complete a baccalaureate degree at an accredited institution by July of the year of admission.
  3. Complete the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) by November 2, 2015.  GRE CODE 3789 for PTCAS.
  4. Complete the courses listed below, designated for the "science major." Please note that courses designated for nursing students, or allied health professions students, are not acceptable in lieu of the science prerequisites for science majors listed below:

Please note: some of these courses may require prerequisites prior to admission into the course.

Biology (Zoology) with labs to include:

  • 1 quarter (1 semester) of human anatomy
  • 1 quarter (1 semester) of human physiology

        (The above can be satisfied by two courses in combined Anatomy and Physiology) 

  • 1 quarter (1 semester) upper division course in (300 level or above) human, animal or exercise physiology
  • 1 quarter (1 semester) advanced course (300 level or above) of your choosing (at least 3 semester credits or 4 quarter credits) in biology or zoology

         (Recommended courses include embryology, microbiology, developmental biology, cell biology, or movement studies courses such as biomechanics or kinesiology  and  both of the above requirements may be satisfied by courses through an exercise science department.)   Note: classes in botany, fish and wildlife biology and ecology will not satisfy this requirement.

Chemistry with labs to include:

  • 3 quarters (2 semesters) of general college chemistry

Physics with labs to include:

  • 3 quarters (2 semesters) of physics

Psychology or Behavioral Science

  • any 2 courses in behavioral science including psychology, sociology or anthropology 1 quarter (1 semester) of StatisticsA minimum of 2.0 (C) is required to fulfill each course listed above for the course to be counted toward your prerequisite fulfillment.

Note: an overall prerequisite GPA of 3.00 is required for application.

All prerequisite coursework must be completed by August 15 of the year you enter the program.Note: courses from other institutions with a pre-physical therapy or physical therapy title will NOT count toward meeting either prerequisite or professional degree requirements.

5. Complete a baccalaureate degree with a minimum overall cumulative GPA of 3.00 and a minimum GPA in prerequisite courses of 3.00, at the time of application and admission.

6. Complete a minimum of 75 hours of work/observation/volunteer experience under the supervision of a licensed physical therapist. This experience must be verified by the supervising physical therapist. It is strongly recommended that you maintain contact with the physical therapists who supervised your clinical experiences so that you may call upon them to verify your experiences on PTCAS. Participation in at least two different types of practice settings (e.g., acute care institutions, rehabilitation centers, pediatric centers, residential facilities, nursing homes, schools, orthopedic outpatient clinics) is required, with a minimum of 30 hours in at least one of these settings.

7. Have each of the following individuals complete a letter of recommendation

  • 2 physical therapists
  • 1 current or former employer/supervisor
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