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Master of Public Health

In addition to a solid core foundation in public health, this program offers four options:
  • Health Services Administration
  • Health Promotion
  • Epidemiology
  • American Indian Health Care and Community

Each option offers a unique focus on public health allowing the student to choose his or her area of interest


Completion of the Masters in Public Health program:
  • depending on the option chosen, may allow the student to be eligible to sit for exams to be credentialed at a national level
  • The intent of the program is to meet the criteria set out by the Council on Education for Public Health
  • Competencies for the program incorporate those identified by the Association of Schools of Public Health

What will I study?

Core Classes Include: Total Core (44 Credits)


HSAD 500  US Healthcare System  (4 credits)

PUBH 510   Biostatistics  (4 credits)

HLED 505   Trends and Issues in Public Health  (4 credits)

HSAD 510   Health Law  (4 credits)

PLAN 511    Health Impact Assessment  (2 credits)

PUBH 520    Fundamentals of Epidemiology  (4 credits)

HSAD 540    Health Policy  (4 credits)

PUBH 516    Environmental Health  (4 credits)

HSAD 535    Risk Management and Process Involvement  (4 credits)

HSAD 595    Internship  (10 credits)

Option 1  (20 credits) Health Services Administration


HSAD 550   Health Economics  (4 credits)

HSAD 541   Advanced Health Policy  (4 credits)

HSAD 520   Health Reimbursement Issues  (4 credits)

HSAD 545   Health Informatics  (4 credits)

HSAD 598   Seminar in Heath Services Administration  (4 credits)

Option 2  (20 credit) Health Promotion


HLED 552   Culture, Public Health Practice, and Eliminating Health Disparities  (4 credits)

PHED 554   Behavior Change - Theory and Practice  (3 credits)

PLAN 550   Emergent Community Health Challenges  (4 credits)

PLAN 552   Comprehensive Community Health Planning  (4 credits)

PLAN 553   Community Health Planning Studio  (5 credits)

Track Option 3  (20 credit) Epidemiology


PUBH 506   Issues in Global Health  (4 credits)

PUBH 511   Applied Biostatistics  (4 credits)

PUBH 521   Advanced Epidemiological Methods  (4 credits)

PUBH 524   Application of Epidemiological Methods  (4 credits)

PUBH 598   Seminar in Epidemiology  (4 credits)

Option 4  (22 credits) American Indian Health Care and Community: Track 4 (total 66 credits)


PLAN 523  Introduction to American Indian Planning  (4 credits)

PLAN 524  Advanced Strategic Planning  (4 credits)

PLAN 528  American Indian Health and Community  (4 credits)

PLAN 529  American Indian Health Care Systems and Services  (4 credits)

PLAN 531  Census Data for American Indian Planning  (2 credits)

PLAN 534  American Indian Transportation Planning  (4 credits)

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