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Thank you for your organization's interest in offering internships! We're certain this can be a positive experience for all involved.

Internship Setup

Setting up your internship is simple:

  1. Create a job description for your internship. The more information you include, the better. Necessary details includes: job duties, qualifications, location, hours, and compensation (pay, academic credit, or both). You can also use this form as a template.

  2. Share the job description with us , and provide us with a point of contact. On our end, we'll get the word out and support your recruitment efforts.

  3. Select your interns the same way you would hire a new employee.

Once you've chosen your interns, we'll be asking you to complete the following steps. If you want, we have guidelines (and staff members) that can support you through this process:

  1. Develop objectives and activities and record these on the Learning Contract.

  2. Instruct and supervise the intern to achieve the learning objectives.

  3. Evaluate the intern's performance with a midterm (4th week) and final (8th week) evaluation.

  4. Provide a Final evaluation

Ready to get started? Have questions? Conctact Romeal Watson, Internship Coordinator ( or 509.359.4637).

Forms and Guidelines

Tips  & Tricks

To prepare your organization to take on interns, we recommend asking the following questions:

Laying the foundation

  1. Organizational goals for hosting interns?

  2. Departmental goals for hosting interns?

  3. Intern duties and learning objectives?

  4. Required Intern qualifications?

  5. Mentors/supervisors in each department hosting interns, and their goals?

Recruiting your superstar interns

  1. Is our position description complete & thorough?

  2. Where will we be posting/recruiting?

  3. What else can and should we do to recruit?

Starting on the right foot

  1. Is our team prepared?

  2. Is the space prepared?

  3. How will we welcome our intern(s)?

  4. How will we help our intern(s) get connected?

Evaluating performance and concluding the internship

  1. Are we able to articulate measures for success?

  2. Are we open to asking for the intern's feedback?

  3. Will we be holding exit interviews?

  4. How do we plan to stay in touch with former interns?

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