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Career Planning Courses

CRSV 210: Career Development (Fall, Winter, Spring)

This two-credit course is an introduction to career decision-making. CRSV provides the opportunity for students to connect to career-related resources and to closely examine their own personal career choice. This course is best-suited for students exploring major declaration or who are not sure where they'd like to take their education after graduation.

CRSV 295: Career Exploration Internship (Fall, Winter, Spring)

Beginning Winter 2015, this variable-credit course is designed to help undecided and undeclared students explore and define their individual major and career path through direct experience. The internship supports students' decision making processes about majors and careers by offering them an experiential opprtunity in an area (i.e., healthcare, business, journalism, etc.) in which they are interested. 

CRSV 398: Professional Development (Winter)

Beginning Winter 2015, this two-credit seminar course is designed to help Juniors  and Seniors  plan their professional trajectory through a career portfolio tailored to individual professional goals.  To support that culminating project, students will formulate connections between education and work, practice professional communication in presentation and interview, and analyze and evaluate industries, fields, and opportunities.  See the syllabus!


If you have questions about CRSV 210 or 295, please contact Robbyn Hoffman.

If you have questions about CRSV 398, please contact Ryan Weldon.

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