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    Carlos M.

    Carlos M.
    MA, Technical Communications, '12

    Internship Site:
    Eastern Washington University - Career Services
    Cheney, WA

    What will be your job duties?

    My duties were to design promotional documents for the Career Services Office, Career Wiki, and career fairs.

    What were some of the steps you took to find this internship?

    The internship found me. During my capstone class for English, the instructor asked members of Career Services to come and interview the class. Based on the interview, I was offered an opportunity to work during the summer for Career Services.

    Over time were there things you did personally to help you prepare for this internship?

    To help prepare myself for the design jobs, I research many of the Career Services resources and Apple style themes.

    Got any personal advice for students who may be a bit nervous about stepping into larger internships or internships in general?

    Do not be fearful of taking a larger internship because they give you that real-world experience that is priceless.

    Personal Statement (7 words or less)?

    Remember that communication is a vital component to good work

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