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Jenni W.

Jenni W.
BA, Accounting and Finance ' 10

Internship Site:
Spokane, WA

What were be your job duties?

 For my internship, I was on the audit side of accounting for the first half of busy season and the other half of the time I was on the tax side.

What were some of the steps you took to find this internship?

In order to find this internship, I used Eagle AXIS to search for the accounting internships.  I knew about fall recruiting for accounting positions, so I started looking on Eagle AXIS almost daily during the summer before fall quarter began.  I also knew about some of the internship positions that were being offered through my involvement in Beta Alpha Psi.

Over time were there things you did personally to help you prepare for this internship?

Being involved in Beta Alpha Psi (the accounting and finance club on campus) really helped prepare me for the internship and for the future in general.  I was able to meet with many of the professionals I would later be interviewing with and working with through Beta Alpha Psi.  Also, I was an officer last year in Beta Alpha Psi and it really helped me improve on my ability to work in a group, my time management skills, and my communication skills.  These were all essential skills that I needed to have for my internship.  In addition, the accounting program really helped prepare me for the kind of work I would be doing at my internship.

Got any personal advice for students who may be a bit nervous about stepping into larger internships or internships in general? 

My personal advice would be to get as much experience as you possibly can with internships.  Having that experience is invaluable, especially in a time when the job market isn't doing too well.  The internship can show you if you really enjoy doing the work that you are actually learning about in your classes.  I learned more than I ever thought I could by being able to actually apply what I had been learning in the classroom to actual accounting work.  Don't miss out on the great opportunities that internships provide!  They can be a lot of work, especially if you are taking classes in addition to the internship, but it pays off in the end.  I advise people to apply for all of the internships that you possibly can and just know that the employers are very understanding and don't expect you to know everything.  You are there to learn, and they are there to help you learn.

Personal Mantra (7 words or less)?

Work hard, but also enjoy yourself.

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