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Luis R.

Luis, R.
BA, Human Resource Mgmt & Operations Mgmt. '12

Internship Site:
Itron. Inc.
Liberty Lake, WA


How long was your internship?

6 months

What were your job duties?

·         Coordinated interview schedules with hiring managers, interviewed teams and candidates.

·         Arranged for travel needs of final interview candidates.

·         Conducted system testing and provide input as required on applicant tracking tools.

·         Assisted as needed with new employee on-boarding and orientation processes.

·         With time permitting; I took on additional tasks such as resume screening, initial phone screens, and other related tasks as needed.

·         Designed and coordinated Human Resources Operations department team and document workspace sites.

·         Designed and coordinated Itron Inc internship program guidelines for all North America locations.

·         Co-develop and administer new hire orientation program for all North America locations.

·         Co-designed and administered new electronic employee file system for all North America locations through MS SharePoint 2007 & 2010.

What were some of the steps you took to find this internship?

In seeking an internship I actively attended conventions and professional gatherings put on by EWU Career Services in order to expand my social network. I maintained communication with my professional contacts and pursue new opportunities as they present themselves. I researched companies in my surrounding areas that actively participate in the values and missions that I admire, and pursue career opportunities that they have available. I also made sure to follow up with my applications when appropriate.

Over time were there things you did personally to help you prepare for this internship?

During my college career at EWU, I joined student organizations that would provide me opportunities to help me develop myself on a professional level. My first year at EWU I joined Alpha Kappa Psi, a professional co-ed business fraternity. I became the Vice President of Membership, Pledge Educator, and Webmaster. These leadership positions helped me advance my people management skills. Through Alpha Kappa Psi, I also participated in a national scholarship case competition for Google. During my final year at EWU, a classmate and I became the student founders of EWU's SHRM student chapter (Society for Human Resource Management). I went on to become the Director of Recruitment and the Webmaster for the chapter. Throughout my time at EWU, I have had four internships involving marketing, operations, human resources, and web design. Every one of them has challenged me and expanded my professional skills in those concentrated areas. 

In preparation for my initial interviews, I did plenty of research on the company values, mission, history, industry involvement, hardware and software solutions, consumer/client bases, competitors, and employee competencies that the company admires. I actively went to career services to prepare and practice for my interview. The staff was highly knowledgeable and actively worked around my busy schedule. I also created response points for potential questions that may be asked during the interview and I made sure to discuss my strengths in positive ways that I knew would benefit the company. It is important that you keep the industry of the company in mind and relate it to your strengths appropriately during the interview.  

Got any personal advice for students who may be a bit nervous about stepping into larger internships or internships in general?

Anyone can go to class, study, participate in a group project, and take a test. However, you need to seek opportunities during school that will make you stand out from all the other college graduates. Join clubs, professional organizations, run for student government, take those unpaid internships! It is going to be tough coming out of college with mere textbook theories and only having experience in customer service that doesn't include the whole scope of your future career. Don't get me wrong, any is experience great, but developing skills in a professional environment will prepare you best for once you graduate and are ready to begin your career.

Personal Mantra (7 words or less)?

"Opportunities multiply as they are seized."    Sun Tzu

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