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Quinita W.

Quinita W.
BA, Heath Services Administration '13

Internship Site:
Kaiser Permanente (NW Region)
Seattle, WA


What will be your job duties?

The past Summer I worked in pharmacy with Drug Supply Management to implement a new more sustainable drug accountability system, but for next summer, my role within Kaiser could change due to a possible change in departments. The goal is to be in a department that relates closer to my major.

What were some of the steps you took to find this internship?

My internship is through the INROADS program, so in order to even become a candidate for placement I had to do online training, mock interview, learn about methods of interviewing and behavioral questions then I completed the necessary documentation all before formally applying to Kaiser Permanente. Kaiser interviewed me in person then they did a background check and I was accepted as a pharmacy administration intern.

Over time were there things you did personally to help you prepare for this internship?

Lately, I became more involved on campus through club sports and on campus organizations. I have a history of volunteer work and I have some past part-time work history. Also doing research on the company's goals and mission helped me in the interview process.

Got any personal advice for students who may be a bit nervous about stepping into larger internships, or internships in general?

There is nothing to fear really, preparing for an internship is like preparing for anything else, it is always best to not doubt yourself, the more you believe in yourself the better you will do.

Personal Mantra (7 words or less)?

Strive to be your best

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