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Yicen Z.

Yicen Z.
BA, Human Resource Management '12

Internship Site:
International Trade Alliance
Spokane, WA


How long was your internship?  

6 Months

What were your job duties?  

I conducted a research report on the China market for Lloyd Industries.  From that research, I gave advice on doing business in China and created a marketing proposal.

What were some of the steps you took to find this internship?

I found the ITA internship information at the EWU International Student Association (ISA) Facebook page.  I thought it would be a great opportunity to learn and work in a real business environment, so I called to request an interview with ITA and was hired soon after that.

Over time, were there things you did personally to help you prepare for this internship?

Before I got this internship, I did my research about ITA. I prepared for the interview by rehearsing my answers to possible questions and learning how to dress professionally for an interview.  Right after I got this internship, I did my research about Lloyd Industries, ITA's client company that I would be working for, and contacted the manager at Lloyd so that I could have all my questions answered and started my research in an efficient way.

Got any personal advice for students who may be a bit nervous about stepping into larger internships or internships in general?

My advice for students who are looking for an internship or those who already got an internship:

1. Keep an eye on internship openings, and don't be shy about contacting them to know more about the company and the specific position. Take the initiative!

2. There's no harm in being over-prepared for the interview. Do your homework so that you will be confident at the interview.

3. Once you get the internship, put your effort in it. It is not only a chance to brush up your resume, but also a  time when you can apply the knowledge you learned to real world work. So work hard and make the most of it!

Personal Mantra (7 words or less)?

Life is beautiful. Don't waste it.

Any additional Information? 

As an international student and non-English native speaker, studying abroad in U.S.A was a great challenge for me initially. But two year's of studying at EWU has strengthened me and allowed me to take my own steps for my future. This experience is beautiful. The skills I obtained at EWU have proven to be useful and valuable. They gave me opportunity to learn about the U.S, connect with the world, and ultimately discover myself. I am glad I made my decision to come to EWU for this international education experience. I always believe that, as long as there is hope, we should try it out. Without trying, we can never make a difference. This journey is worth every effort.

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