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Addiction Counseling and Prevention Minor

Addiction Studies (ADST) is a NAADAC approved education provider with the primary focus of preparing students for WA State Certifcation as chemical dependency professionals.

ADST also provides university-level education valuable for students in a variety of disciplines such as health education, criminal justice, social work, psychology and can also enhance effectiveness in personal and career endeavors. Employers are especially eager to hire students with a foundation in Addiction Studies coursework as part of their major expertise.

General Admission Requirements for Addiction Studies:

Student should meet with the Director of Addiction Studies following the completion of ADST 300. Transfer students will need to meet with the director to evaluate previous coursework for inclusion in the ADST program.

Students may complete coursework in Addiction Studies that will meet the Washington state certifcation standards for the chemical dependency profession. Contact your Addiction Studies advisor for a course list. Required courses in the following program of study may have prerequisites. Reference the course description section for clarifcation.

What will I study?

Completion of the ADST Minor begins to prepare students for work in both the prevention and treatment arenas.

Required Courses (27 credits)
ADST 300 Survey of Alcohol/Drug Problems (4)
ADST 301 Alcohol/Drugs Physiology and Pharmacology (4)
ADST 302 Alcohol/Drug Counseling Techniques (3)
ADST 303 Counseling in the Age of AIDS and Selected Pathogens (2)
ADST 410 Community Prevention Methods (4)
ADST 420 Alcohol/Drug Case Management (4)
ADST 430 Alcohol/Drug Family Counseling (3)
ADST 440 Alcohol/Drug Group Counseling (3)
Practicum (6 credits)
ADST 395 Alcohol/Drug Practicum I (Var)
ADST 495 Alcohol/Drug Practicum II (Var)

Required program credits 27 credits
Practicum credits 6 credits
Total credits for above minor 33 credits

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