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  • Bayyinah S. Jeffries, Ph.D.
    Bayyinah S. Jeffries, Ph.D.
    Director, Assistant Professor
    Phone: 509-359-6150

    Dr. Jeffries is Director and Assistant professor in the Africana Studies program at Eastern Washington University. She earned a PhD in African American and African Studies from Michigan State University, a Master of Arts in African American and African Studies from Ohio State University and a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and Early Childhood at Temple University. She previously worked as assistant professor at California State University, Northridge in the Pan African Studies department and has held positions of Assistant Professor and Assistant Director at Virginia Commonwealth University.

    Along with mentoring and advising students, she has developed and taught courses utilizing an historical approach to the African American experience in such classes as The Black Woman's Struggle, 20th Century African American History, Early African American History to 1877, Contemporary Black Women's Issues, Africana Women in Popular Culture and the History of Black Nationalism in the U.S. Her works have appeared in such publications as Encyclopedia of African Religions and Africalogical Perspectives. Her research concerns African American Social Movements, Black Nationalism , African American women's experiences, Twentieth century African American history, African American expressions of self-determination and activism. Prior to coming to academia, Dr. Jeffries worked as the Coordinator of Minority Achievement and the Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs in Arlington County Public Schools, Assistant Director of the An-Bryce Foundation and Academic Counselor of Upward Bound at the University of Pennsylvania.


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