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  • Michael L. Zukosky
    Michael L. Zukosky
    Isle Hall 123
    Phone: 509.359.6229

    Dr. Michael L. Zukosky received his Ph.D. from Temple University with a dissertation on grassland policy and politics in China's Altai Mountains. He has general interests in philosophical anthropology and social theory as well as their application to economic development and  conservation policy. He came to Eastern Washington University in 2006 and teaches courses in Asian studies, cultural and linguistic anthropology and the anthropology of science and technology.  These interests intersect in the study of the ontological and semiotic aspects of science and technology in development policy throughout the Central Eurasian region including Kazakhstan, Mongolia, and China.  He is currently finishing a book based on National Science Foundation-funded research about Przewalski horse reintroduction in northwest China and the pluralism of animals, knowledge, technologies, languages, values, and interests which constitute it. 

    Courses: ANTH 101 Cultural Anthropology; ANTH 445 Linguistic Anthropology; ANTH 446 Sociolinguistics;  ANTH 495 Anthropology of Science and Technology; ANTH 349 Major Civilizations of Asia

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