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Eastern Washington University's online major in Children's Studies is one of the first in the nation.  A rapidly growing field in the United States, as well as abroad, there is no better proof that children's studies has come of age than the innovative bachelor of arts online program.

The Children's Studies perspective emphasizes holistic studies of children's lives and respect for children's experiences.

The Children's Studies major provides students with a strong background in the study of children (birth to adolescence) in a variety of social contexts.  Theory and practice from the disciplines of sociology, psychology, and education form the foundation for this integrated curriculum.

Major-Core Courses Required (35 credits)
SOCI 101 Introduction to Sociology (5)
CDST 301 Introduction to Children's Studies (2)
PSYC 305 Child and Adolescent Development (4) 
CDST 439 Examining Equity in Children's Programming (4) 
GEOG 357 Geography of Childhood (3)
SOCI/WMST 370 Sociology of the Family (5)
CDST 439 Topics in Children's Studies (5)
SOCI/WMST483 Sociology of Children (5) 
CDST 492 Senior Portfolio (2)

PSYC 315 Human Relations (4)
PSYC 324 Human Learning (4) 

Electives (Minimum of 9 credits)
Choose from the following: 
AAST 320 African American Family (5)
CDST 439 Topics Courses (5)
PSYC 402 Behavior Modification (4) 
SOCI 463 Complex Organizations (5)
Or other elective credits approved by major advisor...

Practicum/Internship course (4 credits) 
CDST495 Internship (4) 

Capstone (4 credits) 
CDST 490 Children's Studies Senior Capstone (4), ITGS 400 Interdisciplinary Senior Capstone (4)  or an approved Department Senior Capstone course 
Total required core credits 41-43 credits 

For more information, contact:

Maria Howes
Program Coordinator
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