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EWU Biulding Better Communities

First Annual Conference
May 5, 2012
Engaging Young Voices

Keynote Speakers

Adam Fletcher, Free Child Project
Gever Tulley, San Francisco Brightworks School

About the conference

The Children's Studies Program at Eastern Washington University will host an annual regional forum that connects theories about building better communities with applications and research-based best practices. Each conference will address a specific theme.

Engaging Young Voices

The focus this year is on engaging and empowering middle school-aged youth. In order to build better connections, allies, and conversations in this endeavor, the conference will bring youth and adults together for short presentations on theories and practice in youth engagement. Presentations will be followed by active workshops designed for youth, adults, and mixed groups. Workshops will be designed to foster youth engagement and empowerment through art, play, media, and construction. In order to deepen dialogue, discovery, and collaboration at the conference, we encourage faculty, college students, youth service professionals, parents and youth to attend!

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