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A Place for Tweens

The Cheney Hangout

Brewster Hall

The students at Eastern Washington University as well as the community of Cheney have recognized a need for a population of children. It has been realized that children in Cheney between the ages of 9 and 13 are without a place to go to socialize. This need has been satisfied, and the Cheney Hangout has been in use since 2005.

The Cheney Hangout is a place for these children to go and "hang out" with their peers. It will be supervised by trained volunteers at all times, yet the children will be the creators of their center. This will be a safe, inviting environment for our children and allow this group of children to have a place of their own.

Mission Statement

The Cheney Hangout is a space designated for the entertainment, socialization, and personal use of youth aged 9-13 years of age in the Cheney community. This space is a new facility based on the concept of the new sociology of children, which states that children are themselves co-constructing of childhood and society. This space will give them a chance to use their voice in constructing an environment to call their own. The space will be available daily for educational, interactive, and life-enriching experiences.


There will be events and activities at the center that will continue to change as the needs of the children change. We will have a contest to name the center upon opening to provide all the children the opportunity to have a voice in what they call their space.


There will be activities for the children that will be facilitated by the volunteers. These activities will include games and homework assistance and other needs that are seen. The center has been given an x-box television, several items of furniture and other items that will benefit the center. The children are encouraged to create and implement their own activities in their center as well.


It is understood that transportation is needed for these children. A plan is currently being worked on to provide transportation home from the center. The plan should be implemented shortly after if not before the opening of the center.

Hours of Operation

The center is shutdown for now, due to building damage.

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