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Prior Learning Option (B)

For working adults seeking credit for career experience toward their degree (5+ years of experience)

Prior Learning Option

Based on the philosophy that adult learners acquire university level-learning through career experiences, this option provides the opportunity to turn experiential learning into college credits (45 maximum available elective credits). Students enroll in ITDS 300 Portfolio Development (generally offered Fall quarter) and are instructed/mentored through the development of their portfolios and upon completion, the document is submitted to an academic department for assessment (current fee is $675 per portfolio).

The "B" program option also provides the adult learner the ability to self-select their courses from the Social and Behavioral Science curriculum, thus tailoring the program for their career objectives.

How to Enroll:

Schedule a meeting with Greg Dempsey or Amy Lonn-O'Brien by calling (425) 564-5100 or by emailing or . Either Greg or Amy will guide the student through the University admissions process and academic requirements.

Graduation Requirements

  • EWU general admission
  • 180 credits:
    • 90 credits of lower division course work (100-299 level courses) from a community college two-year Direct Transfer Degree (DTA)
    • 90 credits at EWU
      • 60 upper division credits (300-499 level courses) at EWU
      • 30 credits of elective course work (potential portfolio credits)
  • Our advising sheet


Greg Dempsey: (Eastern at Bellevue) or 425.564.5100

Amy Lonn-O'Brien: (Eastern at Bellevue) or 425.564.5100

John Neace: (EWU) or 509.359.2402

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