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Minors in Psychology

 Minors offered are Psychology or Applied Developmental Psychology.


Minor in Applied Developmental Psychology

Choice of 15 credits from the following list in consultation with an advisor. (PSYC 304 cannot be included.)

  • PSYC 305 Child and Adolescent Development (4)
  • PSYC 306 Adult Development (4)
  • PSYC 307 Psychology of Adjustment (5)
  • PSYC 309 Scientific Principles in Psychology (5)
  • PSYC 314 Tests, Measurements and Evaluation (5)
  • PSYC 315 Psychology of Human Relations (4)
  • PSYC 320 Developmental Theories and Applications ( 4)
  • CSBS 320 Introductory Statistics for the Social Sciences (5)
  • PSYC 324 Human Learning (4)
  • PSYC 344 Introduction to the Helping Profession (4)
  • PSYC 402 Behavior Modification (4)
  • PSYC 476 Child and Family Guidance (4)
  • PSYC 483 Group Dynamics (5) 


Minor in Psychology

The Psychology minor requires: (20 credits total)

  • PSYC 100
  • 15 credits of upper division PSYC courses that are listed on the BA in Psychology course list.

These courses are to be approved by the department chair. 


What will I study?

Using the processes and principles of human development as a foundation, students learn to think critically and work skillfully in settings such as mental health agencies, day care centers, special education classrooms, support agencies for persons with developmental delays, convalescent hospitals and many other social service settings. They will be able to use psychological and developmental principles to understand conflict, to generate alternate responses, to act on educated judgment, to modify contexts to bring about desired changes while recognizing the dignity of persons, to promote human welfare and to maintain scholarly integrity. The department integrates a solid theoretical base with applied experiences in all programs.
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