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The School of Social Work, through the Bachelor of Arts in Social Work (BASW) and Master of Social Work (MSW) Programs, prepares social work professionals for competency-based practice in public and private settings to address the needs of oppressed and disadvantaged populations, in compliance with the Educational Policies and Accreditation Standards (EPAS) of the Council on Social Work Education. Students are expected to acquire the professional values, knowledge, and skills to practice within complex social environments. The School is committed to diversity including age, class color, culture, disability ethnicity, gender, gender identity and experience, immigration status, political ideology, race religion, sex, and sexual orientation. The School engages students in the acquisition of critically assessed knowledge and practice skills focused on working collaboratively and therapeutically with people representing diverse backgrounds and perspectives. Graduates are prepared to assume professional practice roles in human service agencies, community organizations, collaborative networks, and change focused coalitions.

 The School prepares students to engage in processes aimed at empowering individuals to improve their life situation and to create organizational, community, and societal conditions that support people in their efforts to realize and sustain a basic quality of life.

 Through the collaborative efforts of faculty, social agencies, and students, the School of Social Work: Prepares students at the baccalaureate (generalist) and graduate (advanced generalist) levels for professional social work practice;

  •  Provides structured part time, off-campus programs that make professional social work education available to underserved communities;
  •  Builds bridges between practice and education through the provision of professional development opportunities and the integration of community learning experiences into the preparation of social work practitioners; and
  •  Engages faculty, agencies, and students in training, service and applied research activities that strengthen communities and improve the functioning of agencies and the lives of individuals.
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