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Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice

Criminal justice is an integrated major with required coursework in the core disciplines that provide the theoretical and methodological roots of contemporary criminological inquiry, as well as applied coursework in criminal justice. The program is designed to provide an academic foundation appropriate for an educated citizen as well as particular specializations and certifications for career preparation.

What will I study?

Required Courses:

Introduction (5 credits)

CRIM 300 Introduction to Criminal Justice (5)

Foundation Courses (15 credits)

CSBS 310 Foundations of Social and Behavioral Sciences Theory (5)
CSBS 320 Introductory Statistics for the Social Sciences (5)
CSBS 330 Integrated Social Science Methods (5)

Disciplinary Core Courses (35 credits)

CRIM 360 Women in Prison (5)
or CRIM 460 Penology (5)
CRIM 382 Criminal Justice Organization and Administration (5)
CRIM 490 Criminal Justice Senior Capstone (5)
GOVT 306 Basic Concepts of Criminal Law (5)
PHIL 212 Introductory Ethics (5)
or CRIM 340 Ethics in Criminal Justice (5)
PSYC 302 Abnormal Psychology (5)
SOCI 301 Crime and Society (5)

Specialty Tracks

Please note: other courses may be selected as approved by a departmental advisor. For the Law Enforcement and Corrections tracks, students are highly encouraged to do an internship as part of their elective credits.

Please choose from the following courses for a total of 19-20 credits.

ADST 300 Survey of Alcohol/Drug Problems (4)
CRIM 304 Forensic Inquiry (5)
CRIM 307 Special Topics in Criminal Justice (Forensic Photography) (2)
CRIM 404 Forensic Identification (4)
CRIM 468 Police Systems and Practices (5)
CRIM 495 Internship in Criminal Justice (6)
GOVT 302 Criminal Procedure (5)
SOCI 363 Sociology of Deviance (5)

Please choose from the following courses for a total of 19-20 credits.

CRIM 302 Criminal Justice Systems and Development (5)
CRIM 416 Comparative Criminal Justice Systems (5)
CSBS 321 Computer Aided Data Analysis (4)
GEOG 328 Geographic Information Systems I (5)
GOVT 305 Jurisprudence (5)
PSYC 425 Psychology and the Legal System (5)
SOCI 363 Sociology of Deviance (5)
SOCI 455 Criminology (5)

Please choose from the following courses for a total of 19-20 credits.

Please note: CRIM 360 and CRIM 460 can be used as an elective only if the other course is taken as part of the disciplinary core.
CEDP 313 Child and Adolescent Development (4)
CRIM 360 Women in Prison (5)
CRIM 460 Penology (5)
CRIM 485 Correctional Counseling: Group Methods (5)
CRIM 495 Internship in Criminal Justice (6)
PSYC 425 Psychology and the Legal System (5)
SOCI 452 Juvenile Delinquency (5)
SOCI 459 Sociology of Community Corrections (5

Emphases / Concentrations:

  • be able to understand and apply various methodological and theoretical approaches for conducting research and evaluation with regard to criminal justice practices and policies;
  • be able to engage in critical inquiry of criminal justice institutions, practices and policies which explores their benefits and consequences for social justice and equity;
  • demonstrate mastery of theories of criminology and deviance, a strong understanding of the correlates of crime and be able to make clear links between theoretical and applied contexts;
  • demonstrate an awareness of the systems, processes and relationships between components which comprise the criminal justice system (courts/law, law enforcement and corrections).
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