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Bachelor of Arts in Sociology

Within the Bachelor of Arts degree, the Department of Sociology and Justice Studies offers a program in sociology, blending career education and the liberal arts. The education goal is not to train students; neither is the goal to educate students solely in sociology. Rather, the goal is to use the discipline as a way to critically synthesize what is learned in a liberal arts program. The program envisaged here provides a general background which will enable the student to move into a variety of career paths, while retaining the opportunity for particular specializations within sociology and thematically related disciplines.The Department of Sociology and Justice Studies believes that a university must educate broadly to enrich both career and life. Accordingly, students in the Sociology Program will complete social science foundation courses, as well as core disciplinary courses. In order to assist students as they move into a variety of career paths, students will also complete an interdisciplinary certificate or coursework in an approved area of specialization.

What will I study?

Note: two years of a single high school foreign language or one year of a single foreign language at college level is required for this major.

Introduction (5 credits)

SOCI 101 Introduction to Sociology (5)

Sociological Foundation Courses (15 credits)

SOCI 465 Contemporary Sociological Theory (5)
CSBS 320 Introductory Statistics for the Social Sciences (5)
SOCI 357 A Methodology for Social Research (5)

Disciplinary Core (20 credits required)

SOCI 351 Social Stratification (5)
SOCI 363 Sociology of Deviance (5)
SOCI 470 Social Change (5)
SOCI 481 Social Psychology (5)

TWO courses from Social Justice and Community Engagement (10 credits)

SOCI 320 Race and Ethnicity (5)
SOCI 321 Sex and Gender (5)
SOCI 482 Power and Identity (5)
SOCI 485 Sociology of Revolutions (5)

ONE course from Institutions and Civil Society (5 credits)

SOCI 362 Sociology of Politics (5)
SOCI 370 Sociology of the Family (5)
SOCI 472 Sociology of Religion (5)
SOCI 488 Sociology of Education (5)

ONE Sociological Practice Course (5 credits)

SOCI 489 Doing Sociology (5)
SOCI 495 Internship(5)

ONE Discipline-Based Capstone/Thesis (5 credits)

SOCI 490 Senior Capstone: Sociological Project (5)
or SOCI 491 Senior Thesis (5)

Elective Courses (10 credits minimum)

Students will select electives under the direction of a Sociology advisor and with approval of the department chair.  Electives should be related to the field of Sociology.

Emphases / Concentrations:

  • demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between critical inquiry and social justice;
  • understand and apply various methodological and theoretical approaches for conducting research.

Interesting courses I might take:

  • Sociology of Deviance
  • Sociology of Revolutions
  • Sociology of Children
  • Sociology of Religion
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