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Women's and Gender Studies

  • Students in women's and gender studies gain a deeper understanding of ways that women's and men's lives are affected daily by issues related to gender, sexuality, race, class, ethnicity and social justice.
  • Women's and gender studies courses are interdisciplinary - they are offered in cooperation with many different departments and provide diverse perspectives on a broad array of subjects.
  • Women's and gender studies helps develop critical thinking, writing and verbal communication skills, and an understanding of multicultural and global perspectives - skills you can use in a variety of careers.
  • Women's and gender studies courses offer insight into topics and issues meaningful to students who care about diversity, humanity, society and the world.
Women's Studies Center

The Women's Studies Center is located, with the women's and gender studies, in Monroe 207, and offers the following to students at EWU:

  • Presentations on a wide variety of topics
  • Large collection of books on women and gender issues
  • Information on scholarships pertaining to women
  • Comfortable space for student meetings or studying
  • HOME Program (Helping Ourselves Means Education) providing support and resources for student parents

What are the degree options?

BA Degree
Women's and Gender Studies Major

45-52 credits

Women's Studies Minor

22 credits

Gender Studies Certificate

23-28 credits

WGST Major with Prior Learning Option

49-56 credits

NEW Gender & Sexuality Studies GRADUATE Certificate

23 credits

What can I do with my degree?

Women's and gender studies can help prepare you for a wide variety of careers in community organizations, human resources, education, state and federal agencies, children's advocacy, non-profit organizations, business, market research, or policy and lobbying groups. Students acquire essential critical thinking, research and writing skills, and the ability to think more globally than many other job applicants, making them valuable and desirable employees.

These skills are vital to the workplace and excellent preparations for graduate school or law school. Women's and gender studies students often have a desire to work in fields they find meaningful, with an emphasis on community, collaboration and making a difference.

Careers to explore with a BA in Women's and Gender Studies
  • Human Resources
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Diversity consultant for businesses
  • Career Services at colleges or universities
  • Student Services in higher education
  • Community organizing
  • Fundraising for community or non-profit organizations
  • Gender violence prevention and advocacy
  • Legislative assistant
  • Advertising
  • Health and Human Services
  • Social services
  • Labor Department
  • Consumer Affairs
  • Museums and galleries
  • Public relations
  • Publishing companies
  • Counseling
  • Teaching
  • Editor
  • Lobbyist
  • Event Coordinating/Planning
  • Grant Writer
Women's and Gender Studies graduates have gotten jobs as:
  • Art director
  • Planned Parenthood organizer
  • Director of non-profit
  • Reporter
  • Researcher for state Legislature
  • Legislative assistant
  • Web designer
  • Homeless shelter coordinator
  • Court facilitator
  • Case manager at Crisis Residential Center for Youth
  • Social worker
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