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Women's and Gender Studies Major

  • Bachelor of Arts in Women's and Gender Studies

    Women's and Gender Studies offers students an interdisciplinary examination of women's roles, contributions, history and experiences, as well as a critical study of gender structures in societies and cultures in the U.S. and the world.

  • Minor in Women's and Gender Studies

    Our courses offer a deeper insight to issues of oppression and create awareness to sexist, racist and other biases.

  • Gender Studies Certificate

    A Gender Studies Certificate provides an advantage for students who want to increase their knowledge of women and gender issues and enhance their qualifications for a wide range of careers.

  • Gender & Sexuality Studies Graduate Certificate

    This certificate is designed to enable students to gain a deep understanding of the ways gender and sexuality structure our existence individually and socially. Gender and Sexuality are being ever more relevant topics in many disciplines, especially due to ongoing social and legal changes around these issues.

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