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Summer School CSBSSW

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Summer school is where you want to be
Earning credits toward your degree
Students and faculty are excited for the day, not in March, April, or May

But June! That is when the action starts
So load up your course registration carts
With classes you want to take
You can certainly make a wake

With the speed you finish your degree.
As a professor I'm decree!
Whether you study History and Anthropology
Or others like Government and Psychology

Summer school is the best in show
Register for classes and let's go!
If you want to make haste toward your degree
Then Summer School is where you want to be!

The College of Social & Behavioral Sciences and Social Work is offering some exciting classes this summer.

We will offer classes in the following programs:

Addiction Studies      Africana Education     Anthropology      Chicano Education     Children's Studies     Communication Studies     CSBS Core Courses     Criminal Justice     Disability Studies     Geography     Government     History     Honors     Interdisciplinary Studies     Military Science     Psychology     Social Work     Sociology     Women's & Gender Studies

Click on the departments below to see some of the exciting classes we're offering:

  1. Psychology- complete list of classes for summer 
  2. Psychology 498/598 Specific Learning Disabilities - June 28th (one day only)  
  3. American Indian Cinema
  4. Psychology 498/598-77 Seminar: Suicide, Friday, June 26th, 8am to 6pm
  5. Psychology 304: Educational Psychology, June 24th to August 16th
  6. Children's Studies Family Relation Course
  7. History 105 Origins of Western Civilization - June 24th to July 19th 
  8. History
  9. History 304, U.S. History, 1877- Present, June 24th to August 16th
  10. Contemporary Indigenous Women
  11. Gender and Sexuality in Film - June 17th to August 16th
  12. Family Violence - one week only- June 17th to June 21st
  13. Women's Spirituality - June 17th to August 16th
  14. Intro to Women's Studies - June 24th to July 28th
  15. African History: Ancient Africa to Mandela- June 24th to July 19th
  16. Anthropological Linguistics - June 24th to July 13
  17. Psychology 498/598 Response to Intervention - July 11th-13th

  18. CSBS 310- Foundations of Social & Behavioral Sciences Theory - June 24th to July 20th 

    For a complete listing of all Summer School courses for CSBSSW, please visit EagleNet.

    Click on the "Course Sections Search" in the upper left corner of EagleNet and search for Summer School Courses there.






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