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Science Olympiad Team Announcements

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Team coaches, please check this page regularly for updates and other announcements.


Date Announcement
2/6/13 Students competing in closed events may not return to the event room if they need to leave after the event begins (such as leaving to go to the restroom).
2/6/13 Science Olympiad team participants may NOT bring cell phones or other communication devices into closed event locations. Event supervisors will be asked to collect phones brought into closed events.
2/6/13 Sign up for all sign-up events will occur pre-tournament. Process to be announced ASAP. Coaches, be prepared to provide a time range for each sign-up event in which your team will participate.
2/6/13 Mission Possible - B Division. Task Sequence Lists need to be turned in prior to the start of the tournament. Instructions will be provided to coaches regarding when/where to submit.
2/6/13 Mission Possible - B Division. Be sure Task Sequence Lists have team name AND team number clearly identified ... otherwise, Event Supervisor will not be able to match up to team at impound/sign-up.

What to bring to registration. Reminder that coaches need to bring the following to team check-in on Saturday, 7-9AM in the LAIR: (1) Signed Roster/Ethics Form and (2) Photography Release. Both forms are available online. On the Roster-Ethics Form, please be sure printed students' names are legible, grade is identified and that all students have signed.

ALSO BRING enough copies of the final schedule (to be posted by 3/7/13) and campus map for all team members and coaches. Copies will NOT be includes team packets.

2/6/13 Helicopters - B Division. Room dimensions will be announced ASAP.
2/6/13 Forestry B & C Divisions. NO additional trees will be added to the list posted on the WSO web site.
2/6/13 # Teams advancing to state tournament: 5 B and 4 C teams will advance from SCC to the state tournament at Clark College (Vancouver) on 4/13/2013.
2/6/13 There will not be an Opening Cermony ... will be rolled into the Closing Ceremony, which will begin at 4:00 in the Main Gym.
2/6/13 Keep the Heat - B Division and Thermodynamics - C Division have written test from 8:30-8:50. Teams should bring their devices at this time to be impounded.
2/27/13 Signup Events Pre-Signup - B & C Divisions. E-Mail sent to all coaches 2/26/13 announcing opening of online event pre-signup - starting midnight Thursday, 2/28 (that would be Wednesday after 11:59PM) and running until midnight Wednesday, 3/6 (that would be Tuesday after 11:59PM). For B teams, go to ... C teams should go to User name and password were sent to coaches. Contact Sue Murphy (509-359-6809) if you have difficulty with event signup software or need user name/password.
3/5/13 Room Schedule & Team Rooms - B & C Divisions. Posted on Check-In Packet. Make enough copies for your students (along with maps).
3/5/13 Last Day for Signup Event Pre-Signup - B & C Divisions. Coaches have until midnight tonight for pre-signup. Contact Sue if questions.
3/5/13 Mission Possible - B Division. As of this time, Task Sequence Lists will be turned in at impound unless notified otherwise by first thing Friday AM.
3/6/13 Updated Schedule - B Division. A few event room changes, but only for B Division (revised scheduled posted on web site). If you've already copied off, just make sure to note these corrections: Crime Busters (27-213); Food Science (27-308); Meteorology (27-203); and Keep the Heat for device testing only (27-305).
3/6/13 Signup Event Pre-Signup - B & C Divisions. Sign-up time extended until 6AM Thursday 3/7. Coaches were sent e-mail identifying times they were signed up for. If you haven't yet signed up, do it soon. After extended deadline, you will need to see event supervisor on Saturday to get into available slots.
3/7/13 8AM Schedule Changes - B & C Divisions.  Mousetrap Vehicle (B) and Gravity Vehicle (C) moved to Main Gym. Boomilever (B & C) moved to Auxiliary Gym. Elastic Launched Glider (C) MAY be moved to Auxiliary Gym. Be prepared to go to either location (but both gyms are fairly close together so not huge issue). Revised schedule posted.
3/7/13 11AM Schedule Changes - B & C Divisions.  Boomilever (B & C) will stay in Main Gym after all and Elastic Launched Glider (C) will be in Auxiliary Gym. Sorry for confusion ... just trying to address vehicle events that may not run smoothly in the Aux Gym.


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