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Master of Occupational Therapy

The Occupational Therapy program at EWU provides an entry-level master's degree program taught by faculty who are nationally and internationally recognized in the occupational therapy profession. Our mission is to prepare entry-level graduates to provide occupational therapy services with distinctiveness and compassion, in a variety of professional practice environments. The program provides a foundation of skills in general practice competencies, leadership skills, and creative and critical thinking processes, to facilitate the development of an innovative, entry-level occupational therapist. Additionally, graduates demonstrate a commitment to the common good, creative life-long learning, and high ethical standards for professional practice.

Students engage in coursework designed to build practice skills across the lifespan in physical, mental, and preventive care paradigms. Emphasis is placed in community-based and client-centered activities through interactive class tasks, labs and various facility experiences. The program emphasizes community-based and interdisciplinary service delivery models essential for successful practice in rural, underrepresented and underserved areas. Culture awareness, as related to service delivery, is integral to the program. Students are also actively engaged in research activities, resulting in a completed research report relevant to occupational therapy.

The Department of Occupational Therapy is dedicated to creating a student-centered learning environment, in collaboration with the educational resources at Eastern Washington University. Faculty and students are encouraged to demonstrate a spirit of scholarly inquiry, and to contribute ongoing knowledge to the profession of occupational therapy. The program strives to create and nurture partnerships with the region's health care, educational, business and social communities, to enhance the quality of the educational experience for our students.

What will I study?

Students will:
  • demonstrate entry-level professional competencies in communication and a commitment to professional growth through life-long learning;
  • demonstrate a commitment to the common good that promotes effective, responsible and compassionate delivery of occupational therapy services;
  • demonstrate leadership skills that advocate for individuals and groups, promote the profession and improve the service delivery of occupational therapy;
  • demonstrate entry-level practice competencies based upon a comprehensive understanding of human occupation and occupational performance.

Courses of Study

Admission Into the Masters Program

EWU Occupational Therapy program participates in the Occupational Therapy Centralized Application Service, known as OTCAS.  Applicants for the 2014 entering class need to apply online using the OTCAS application. OTCAS Application is due January 1, 2014 by 9pm PST. Supplemental application deadline is January 15, 2014.  To learn more about the OTCAS application process and to get started, please go to the OTCAS website.  Once processed, the Admissions Committee looks forward to to receiving your application. 

OTCAS Fee Schedule:
First Application: $125
Each Additional Application: $45

In addition to OTCAS, you must apply to the Graduate Studies program. You may apply online through EagleNet. NOTE: The application fee to apply online is $100 - $50 for Graduate Studies and $50 for the Occupational Therapy program.

Supplemental Application: EWU Occupational Therapy program requires a pre-requisite worksheet with unofficial transcripts.  The pre-requisite worksheet can be downloaded below. Students may email, fax or mail their pre-requisite worksheet and transcripts to the department.

Fax: 509.828.1387
Mailing Address:
Department of Occupational Therapy
Eastern Washington University
310 N. Riverpoint Blvd., Box R
Spokane, WA 99202

A student is considered for admission based on the quality and completed elements of a) performance in prerequisite courses, application essay, letters of reference, volunteer/work hours, and GRE test scores, b) demonstrated success in higher education as determined through college credentials and c) the successful completion of a group interview. We are able to admit 32 qualified candidates for the 2014/2015 academic year.

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Prerequisite Checklist

MOT Application Procedures

Prerequisite Worksheet

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