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Suicide Assessment, Treatment, and Management Certificate

The Certificate in Suicide Assessment, Treatment, and Management has been adapted to meet the needs of persons who intend to work in the fields of behavioral health, human services and health care providers. This certificate enhances development and promotion of effective clinical and professional practice of assessment, treatment and management of suicidal behaviors. Courses provide an overview of the addiction process and issues related to suicide and mental health and explores the prevention public health model. *Please note: This certificate program is for currently enrolled EWU students and not an independent program.

Students will:

  • compare and contrast the different models of addiction and categories of drugs of abuse to understand the cycle of addiction and addictive drugs that increase use;
  • identify factors related to the basic knowledge of the fundamental relationship between substance use disorders, mental health and suicide;
  • demonstrate proficiency in assessing for suicide potential using an approved risk assessment tool;
  • evaluate the role of the public health model data, etiology, risk and protective factors, and trends in the prevention of suicide.

What will I study?

ADST 300: Survey of Alcohol/Drug Problems (4)
ADST 480: Where Suicide and Mental Health Meet (4)
ADST 482: Suicide Assessment, Treatment and Management (4)
Plus one additional ADST course of your choosing (3 or 4 credits)*
Total credits for above certificate: 15-16 credits

*Please note: We are currently in the process of updating this certificate series. ADST 484 has been taken out of the series at this time. Any other ADST course may be substituted in the interim.

Because of the nature of the course material, ADST 480 & ADST 482 are offered in-person on the EWU Spokane Campus. All other ADST courses are offered in the online format.

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